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Recalls: Handtrucks, Rich Fields butter cookies, more

Hand trucks

Company: Harper Trucks Inc.

Quantity: 292,000.

Why? When the tires are overinflated, they can explode and cause the wheel hub to separate or break, ejecting pieces of the hub.

What models? Harper Trucks hand trucks, model number K52K16 with a p-handle and a one-piece composite wheel; the JEDTK1935P with a dual hand/platform truck (convertible) and a three-piece, four-bolt, metal/chrome plated wheel; the 51TK19 with dual handles and a three-piece, four-bolt, metal/chrome plated wheel; the BKTAK19 with a p-handle and a three-piece, four-bolt, metal/chrome plated wheel; and the PGCSK19BLK with a dual hand, three-piece, four-bolt, metal/chrome plated wheel.

Where sold? Home Depot from September 2008-March 2009 and Sam's Club from January 1993-January 2002.

What to do? Call Harper toll-free at 1-800-835-4099, e-mail [email protected] or visit

Rich Fields butter cookies

Company: Rite Aid.

Quantity: 85,000 tins.

Why? The cookies may be contaminated with bacillus cereus, a microorganism that may cause diarrhea, nausea and/or vomiting.

What models? The 12-ounce tins of Rich Fields butter cookies featuring either a decorative castle or Christmas designs and with the UPC codes 01249596519 and 88411804619 located directly beneath the bar code on the bottom of each tin.

Where sold? Rite Aid stores.

What to do? Call Rite Aid toll-free at 1-800-748-3243 or visit

Kool Ranch kale chips

Company: Rhythm Superfoods LLC.

Quantity: 2,700 cases.

Why? Some of the products may contain undeclared cashews. People who have an allergy, or a severe sensitivity to cashews, run a risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

What models? Kool Ranch kale chips with a UPC/SKU code 8 29739 00052 1 and sell-by dates of 03/26/12, 03/27/12, 03/28/12, 04/03/12, 04/04/12 and 04/10/12.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call the company at 1-512-441-5667.

Chicken pot pie empanadas

Company: Windsor Quality Food Co. Ltd.

Quantity: 11,390 pounds.

Why? The product may contain pieces of plastic.

What models? The 10-pound cases, each containing four boxes of 27-count, of Molly's Kitchen mini chicken pot pie empanadas with the product code of 953397 and best-before date of Aug. 30, 2012.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call the company at 1-512-249-3416.

Blue Bunny Personals ice cream

Company: Wells Enterprises Inc.

Quantity: Undisclosed.

Why? The products were mispackaged and contains undeclared wheat. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to wheat and/or have gluten sensitivities may be at risk from consuming these products.

What models? Blue Bunny Personals ice cream, 5.5 fluid ounces, with the lot number 10009, best-used-by date of 10/1/2012 and a UPC code of 0 70640 00463.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call the company toll-free at 1-800-331-0830.

Nike All-American, Super Poor Boy sandwiches

Company: Landshire.

Quantity: 17,305 cases.

Why? The product may be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

What models? The Nike All-American is a pre-packaged, individually wrapped white package sandwich with a weight of 7.25 ounces and a UPC code 0 9748801741 5. The sandwiches involved have a lot number of 11 237 6. The Super Poor Boy is a pre-packaged, individually wrapped sandwich with a weight of 7.25 and a UPC code 0 9748800001 1.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call the company toll-free at 1-800-468-3354.

Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Terrain

Company: General Motors LLC.

Quantity: 33,964.

Why? The tire pressure system monitoring system doesn't work properly, which could lead to improperly inflated tires.

What models? 2012 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call, toll-free, Chevrolet at 1-800-630-2438 and GMC at 1-866-996-9463.

BMW vehicles

Company: BMW of North America LLC.

Quantity: 32,084.

Why? The circuit board for the electric auxiliary water pump can overheat, which could lead to an engine or car fire.

What models? 2008-2011 BMW 5 series, 5 series Gran Turismo, 7 series, X5 and X6.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call BMW toll-free at 1-800-525-7417.

Trek 2012 FX, District bicycles

Company: Trek Bicycle Corp.

Quantity: 27,000.

Why? The bolt that secures the seat saddle clamp to the seat post can break.

What models? Model year 2012: Trek 7.2 FX, 7.3 FX, 7.4 FX, and 7.5 FX; District, and 9th District bicycle models: WSD, Livestrong and Disc models. If the last two digits of the SKU number stamped on the bottom bracket, which is found near the pedals, are 12, the bicycle is a model year 2012 bicycle.

Where sold? Specialty bicycle retailers from May-September.

What to do? Call Trek toll-free at 1-800-373-4594 or visit

Volvo vehicles

Company: Volvo Cars of North America LLC.

Quantity: 19,600.

Why? The vehicles don't have the correct information for the optional spare tire kit. Improper tire inflation could lead to tire failure.

What models? 2006-2012 Volvo C70 and 2011-2012 S60.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call Volvo at 1-201-768-7300.

Winchester hunting knife sets

Company: Gerber Legendary Blades.

Quantity: 13,000.

Why? The latching mechanism for the knife's interchangeable blades can unexpectedly fail and release the blade.

What models? Winchester Hunting Knife Sets with model number 31-000801.

Where sold? Sporting goods stores from July-September.

What to do? Call Gerber toll-free at 1-877-314-9130 or visit

Disney Fairies plastic racing trikes

Company: Kiddieland Toys Limited.

Quantity: 12,000.

Why? The plastic fairy figures protrude from the top of the handle bar, posing a laceration hazard if a child falls on them.

What models? The Disney-branded Fairies plastic racing trike is green and purple with a white seat and yellow wheels. On top of the handlebar, there is a Tinkerbell figure and three other rotating fairy figures. Disney Fairies is printed on the label in front of the trike just below the handlebar.

Where sold? Target stores from July-December 2009.

What to do? Call Kiddieland toll-free at 1-800-430-5307 or visit

Bad Boy Buggies off-road utility vehicles

Companies: BB Buggies Inc. and Bad Boy Enterprises LLC.

Quantity: 3,200.

Why? The steering assembly arm can break and cause the driver to lose control.

What models? Bad Boy LT, Classic, XT, XTO and XT Safari model electric off-road utility vehicles. The utility vehicles have four wheels, bench seats for the operator and passengers and were sold in camouflage patterns, hunter green, red and black.

Where sold? Bad Boy Buggy dealers from August 2009-June 2011.

What to do? Call the company toll-free at 1-855-738-3711 or visit

PAX AURLAND wardrobe mirror doors

Company: IKEA North America Service.

Quantity: 1,700.

Why? The mirror glass can detach unexpectedly from the wardrobe door.

What models? The PAC AURLAND wardrobe door with full-length glass mirror with model number 101-604-51, supplier number 12650 and production weeks 1039 through 1048 (YYWW). The mirror door measures about 19 1/2 inches wide, 93 inches high and 7/8 inches thick.

Where sold? IKEA stores from October 2010-September 2011.

What to do? Call IKEA toll-free at 1-888-966-4532 or visit

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