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Recalls: Publix pie, Dirt Devil vacuum tools, more

Publix No Sugar Added cherry pie

Company: Publix Super Markets.

Quantity: Undisclosed.

Why? The pies contain an undeclared soy ingredient. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to soy run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

What models? Publix NSA 8-inch cherry pie, UPC code 41415-65990; Publix NSA 1/2 cherry pie, UPC 03000-00225; Publix NSA 1/4 cherry pie, UPC 41415-66990 .

Where sold? Publix stores.

What to do? Call Publix toll-free at 1-800-242-1227.

Dirt Devil vacuum power brush attachment tools

Company: TTI Floor Care North America.

Quantity: 987,000.

Why? Plastic pieces inside the vacuum tool can break apart and be ejected, posing a laceration hazard.

What models? The attachment, with date codes J7060 through J7365, was sold as an accessory with the following Dirt Devil vacuum models: Reaction M110000, M110000HD, M110001B, M110002, M110003, M110006, M110008, M110008CA, M110009; Purpose for Pets M140000, M140000CA; Envision Wide Glide M086700WCA, M086710; Action Upright M110020CAB; Ultra Swivel Glide M086020; Swerve M086030, M086030CA; and Royal Commercial RY6100.

Where sold? Mass merchandisers, home improvement stores and other retail stores.

What to do? Call TTI toll-free at 1-800-245-2296 or visit

'Sky Scrambler,' 'Sharper Image' wireless indoor helicopters

Company: Innovage LLC.

Quantity: 685,000.

Why? The rechargeable lithium ion battery inside the helicopters can overheat, catch fire and ignite nearby combustibles, posing fire and burn hazards.

What models? "Sky Scrambler" and "The Sharper Image" toy helicopters have yellow, red or blue decals. BH26047 is printed on the Sky Scrambler's tail. "The Sharper Image" is printed on the tail of helicopters.

Where sold? Mass merchandisers, department stores, drug stores, other retail stores and online.

What to do? Call Innovage toll-free at 1-866-672-2630, visit and or e-mail

Xiadafil VIP tablets

Company: SEI Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Quantity: $74,000 worth of pills.

Why? The pills contain an undeclared ingredient that could affect men who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease.

What models? Xiadafil VIP tablets, Lots 6K029 and 6K209-SEI.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call the FDA toll-free at 1-888-463-6332.

Bright Starts ring rattles

Company: Kids II Inc.

Quantity: 19,000.

Why? The tip of the rattle's antenna, which is attached to a bee figure, can detach and pose a choking hazard to small children.

What models? The soft toy rattle is a bee with a yellow head, ring-shaped green body, blue/green wings and purple/red antennas. Model number 8534 and date code PA8 are printed on a sewn-in label on the bee's head.

Where sold? Toy stores, mass merchandisers and other retail stores.

What to do? Call Kids II toll-free at 1-877-325-7056 or visit

Classic horseshoe magnet

Company: Dowling Magnets.

Quantity: 91,500.

Why? The plastic coating on the magnets contains excessive levels of lead.

What models? The 6-inch tall horseshoe magnet has a red plastic coating on the handle end. Each foot of the magnet has an engraved S or and N.

Where sold? Specialty retail stores and educational supply distributors.

What to do? Call Dowling toll-free at 1-866-623-3336, visit or e-mail

Rize 2 the Occasion, Rose 4 Her

Company: Jack Distribution LLC.

Quantity: All lots, undisclosed.

Why? The products contain an undeclared chemical that poses a potential threat to consumers because it may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs (such as nitroglycerin) and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

What models? The Rize 2 product is sold as a single blister pack, 3-count bottles, 12-count bottles and 30-count bottles. Rose 4 Her is only available in single blister packs and 3-count bottles.

Where sold? Adult stores, vitamin and nutrition shops, convenience stores and online.

What to do? Visit or or call the FDA toll-free at 1-888-463-6332.

U-shaped magnets, bar magnets, magnet sets and magnet needle sets

Company: Pacific Science Supplies Inc.

Quantity: 40,000.

Why? The paint on the magnets can contain excess levels of lead.

What models? U-shaped magnets, large and small, half-red and half-blue with N on the red side and S on the blue; bar-shaped magnets, half-red and half-white with N on the red side and S on the white; a set with a small u-shaped magnet, two small bar magnets and two small compasses, all half-red and half-white with N on the red half and S on the white; a magnet needle set containing 10 sets of small cone-shape bases and elongated-diamond-shaped magnets that can be fastened into the bases. The magnets are painted half red and half white.

Where sold? Distributors selling to colleges, high schools and middle schools and through educational stores.

What to do? Call Pacific toll-free at 1-800-530-1500 or visit

Reebok studio exercise cycles

Company: Reebok International.

Quantity: 20,000.

Why? The alloy cranks on the exercise cycles can break during use, posing a laceration and abrasion hazard.

What models? The recalled bicycle is black with silver cranks. The unit has an internal belt drive. The base of the bicycle is a single piece that is welded to the frame. The legs are two straight horizontal bars with rounded edges. There is a logo located on the side of the exercise cycle that shows a person riding a bicycle.

Where sold? By F.A.I. to health clubs and specialty fitness dealers.

What to do? Call Reebok toll-free at 1-800-382-3823 or visit

Santorini chairs

Company: Cost Plus Inc.

Quantity: 8,600.

Why? The seat weld can fail and allow the chair to collapse, posing a fall hazard.

What models? Santorini outdoor stacking chairs. The black metal chairs have vertical bars on the back and horizontal bars across the base.

Where sold? Cost Plus and World Market stores.

What to do? Call Cost Plus toll-free at 1-877-967-5362 or visit

Maxim Apogee, Pinnacle Dynamic climbing lines/ropes

Company: New England Ropes.

Quantity: 530.

Why? The climbing lines can break, posing a serious fall hazard.

What models? The Maxim Apogee 9.1mm and Maxim Pinnacle 9.5mm. The Maxim Apogee 9.1mm is a 48 carrier climbing rope. The colors are yellow and black, and red and yellow. The model numbers are 3411-91 and 3415-91, with date codes 060801 thru 080601. The UPC codes are: 75396312299, 75396312298, 75396312301, and 75396312300. The Maxim Pinnacle 9.5mm is a blue 48 carrier climbing rope. The Model number is 3403-95, with date codes 070201 thru 080601. The UPC codes are 75396312292 and 75396312293. The date codes and the UPC codes are on the original packaging.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call New England Ropes toll-free at 1-866-617-9038 or visit

Wooden toys

Company: Earthentree.

Quantity: 375.

Why? The recalled toys contain small parts or can break into small parts, posing a choking hazard. The recalled rattles violate the federal rattle standard. Some of the toys also have a string longer than 12 inches, which can pose a strangulation hazard to young children.

What models? Wooden toys including egg shakers (maracas), pull toys, rattles and trains. The toys are painted glossy red, orange, green, brown, yellow or natural wood.

Where sold? Earthentree's Web site, fairs, trade shows and retail stores.

What to do? Call Earthentree toll-free at 1-800-963-1593 or visit

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