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Recalls: Simplicity cribs, MYO and MYO Belt headlamps, Mitsubishi vehicles

Simplicity brand drop side cribs

Company: Simplicity Inc.

Quantity: 600,000.

Why? Due to sizing problems with the crib's hardware, the drop side can come off the tracks. When the drop side detaches or partially detaches, it creates a hazardous gap, which can lead to infant entrapment and suffocation.

What models? This recall of Simplicity drop side cribs involves models that used a different style of hardware from those cribs recalled in September 2007. The recalled model numbers include: 8620, 8745, 8748, 8755, 8756, 8778, 8810 and 8994. The recalled drop side cribs have a date code, which can be found on a label on the headboard under the mattress support, which ends in 05DH, 05GB, 06DH, 06GB, 07DH or 07GB (examples: 1806 DH or 0507 GB). The recalled model names include: Aspen and Crib N Changer Combo, Gabrielle, Camille, Providence and Shenandoah. Only the brand name "Simplicity" can be seen on the label on the headboard.

Where sold? Department stores, children's stores and mass merchandisers.

What to do? Call toll-free or visit: AAFES800 1-800-866-3605,; Babies "R" Us 1-800-869-7787,; Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot,; Meijer Distribution Inc. 1-866-280-8419,; Nebraska Furniture Mart 1-800-359-1200,; Shopko 1-800-791-7333,; Target 1-800-440-0680,; Wal-Mart 1-800-925-6278,

MYO and MYO Belt headlamps

Company: Petzl America.

Quantity: 322,000.

Why? If the headlamp is used with rechargeable batteries, the cable connecting the battery pack to the lamp can spark, melt or catch fire.

What models? The "MYO" headlamps have a battery pack attached to the headband. The "MYO Belt" headlamps have a remote battery pack attached to the headlamp via a long electric cable. Name and model numbers: MYO, E26P; MYO-black, E26PN; MYO 3, E27P; MYO 3-black, E27PN; MYO 5, E28P; MYO 5-black, E28PN; MYO Belt 3, E29 P; MYO Belt 5, E30 P; MYOLITE, E31 P; MYOLITE 3, E32 P; MYOBELT SB5, E33 P; MYO XP, blue E83 P; MYO XP, gray E83 P2; MYOBELT XP, blue E84 P MYO XP BELT, gray E84 P2.

Where sold? Specialty retailers.

What to do? Visit

Mitsubishi vehicles

Company: Mitsubishi Motors North America.

Quantity: 45,988.

Why? An improperly fastened fuel tank bracket could break in a collision, causing fuel to leak and risking a fire.

What models? 2005-2007 Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder, Endeavor and Galant.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call Mitsubishi toll-free at 1-800-222-0037.

Saturn Vue

Company: General Motors Corp.

Quantity: 42,000.

Why? A line to the power steering could loosen, allowing fuel to leak that could cause a fire.

What models? 2008-2009 Saturn Vue.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call GM toll-free at 1-800-553-6000.

Harry Potter bookends

Company: Giftco Inc.

Quantity: 36,000.

Why? The paint on the bookends contains excessive levels of lead.

What models? The poly-stone bookends painted and shaped in the characters of the Harry Potter book series: Harry Potter, Hedwig, Hermione and Crookshank.

Where sold? Elementary school fundraising programs, discount and dollar stores.

What to do? Call Giftco toll-free at 1-888-448-6728 or visit

Gotham compact fluorescent downlights

Company: Gotham Lighting.

Quantity: 30,000.

Why? The relay on the backup battery of the lights could be programmed incorrectly and prevent the lights from functioning in an emergency.

What models? Gotham Compact fluorescent downlights sold with the optional backup battery pack; the lights are recessed ceiling lights that were manufactured between Nov. 1, 2007, and July 31, 2008.

Where sold? Electrical distributors and sales representatives.

What to do? Call Gotham toll-free at 1-800-315-4982 or visit

Apeks second stage scuba regulators

Company: Aqua Lung America.

Quantity: 25,000.

Why? These regulators can be missing the diaphragm cover, which can cause the diaphragm to become displaced during a dive and allow water to enter the scuba regulator. This poses a drowning hazard.

What models? Apeks TX, ATX and XTX second stage regulators that have never been serviced.

Where sold? Authorized Apeks dealers.

What to do? Call Aqua Lung toll-free at 1-877-253-3483 or visit

Mut Gung sweetened ginger

Company: K-Fat Inc.

Quantity: Undisclosed.

Why? The product contains undeclared sulfites. Consumers who have severe sensitivity to sulfites run the risk of serious life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product.

What models? The 150-gram packages of Mut Gung sweetened ginger.

Where sold? Various stores.

What to do? Call K-Fat at 1-718-381-0306.

Hummer H2

Company: General Motors Corp.

Quantity: 13,358.

Why? A flaw could render the windshield wipers inoperable.

What models? Hummer H2.

Where sold? Dealers.

What to do? Call GM toll-free at 1-800-732-5493.

Wood abacus

Company: LTD Commodities LLC and ABC Distributing.

Quantity: 6,000.

Why? The wooden rods on the abacus can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

What models? The abacus is a multi-sided activity center that has a chalkboard, movable block letters with pictures, sliding shapes, a fun maze with gears and a blue and yellow clock on the side of the activity center with two pink moving hands. Product code E7A is printed on the packaging near the UPC bar code.

Where sold? LTD Commodities and ABC Distributing catalogs and Web site.

What to do? Call LTD toll-free at 1-866-736-3654 or visit or

John Deere Gator XUV 620i utility vehicles

Company: Deere & Co.

Quantity: 2,500.

Why? The fuel tank can leak from a gap in the seam at the base of the filler neck, posing a fire hazard.

What models? Models and serial number ranges: XUV 620i Gas (Como), M0XUVGC020001-M0XUVGC020959; XUV 620i Gas (Olive), M0XUVGT021581-M0XUVGT021808; and XUV 620i Gas (Green), M0XUVGX023930, M0XUVGX023941, M0XUVGX023956, M0XUVGX023961 -M0XUVGX023962 and M0XUVGX023968-M0XUVGX025507.

Where sold? John Deere dealers.

What to do? Call Deere toll-free at 1-800-537-8233 or visit

Power cords

Company: DCI LLC.

Quantity: 180.

Why? The power cord wires are significantly undersized and allow incorrect insertion of the power plug, posing a risk of fire and/or shock.

What models? The 2-foot, three-outlet power cords are orange in color and packaged in a counterfeit yellow and green cardboard sleeve. The packaging indicates the power cord is a "12 Gauge Extra Heavy Duty" type. Model number T-4145 is printed in front and back of the packaging.

Where sold? On e-Bay.

What to do? Call Hanashop toll-free at 1-888-263-2575.

Recalls: Simplicity cribs, MYO and MYO Belt headlamps, Mitsubishi vehicles 09/25/08 [Last modified: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 1:19pm]
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