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1081929 2999-04-26 00:00:00.0 UTC 2999-04-25T20:00:00.000-04:00 2010-03-22 22:29:27.0 UTC 2010-03-22T18:29:27.000-04:00 new-music-dvds-and-video-games-for-march-21-27 Published 2010-03-22 22:34:15.0 UTC 2010-03-22T18:34:15.000-04:00 features/events DTI 60980089 New releases this week Music Justin Bieber, My World 2.0 Pet Shop Boys, Pandemonium Live Monica, Still Standing She & Him, Volume Two Joe Bonamassa, Black Rock Scorpions, Sting in the Tail Goldfrapp, Head First Sesame Street, Old School, Vol. 1 Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Rise & Shine Bird and the Bee, Tribute to Hall and Oates Sonya Kitchell, Convict Of Conviction The Who, Greatest Hits Live David Russell, Sonidos Latinos Osvaldo Golijov, La Pasion Segun San Marcos Brooklyn's Finest soundtrack Greenberg soundtrack Hot Tub Time Machine soundtrack Repo Men soundtrack How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack DVDs The African Queen After Dark Horrorfest 4 The Blind Side Brothers Fantastic Mr. Fox Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove Mad Men: Season Three Men Who Stare at Goats The Prisoner Red Cliff Video games Build A Bear: Friendship Valley (Wii) Build A Bear: Welcome To Hugsville (DS) Cheer We Go (DS) How To Train Your Dragon (360, PS3, Wii, DS) Imagine Gymnast (DS) Just Cause 2 (360, PS3, PC) Moto GP 09/10 (360, PS3) My Pet Chimp (DS) Painkiller Pandemonium (PC) Pizza Delivery Boy (Wii) Red Steel 2 (Wii) Rooms: Main Building (Wii, DS) Settlers 7 Paths To A Kingdom (PC) Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey (DS) Squishy Tank (DS) Stitch Jam (DS) — Joshua Gillin Events,Features,things-to-do New music, DVDs and video games for March 21-27 JGILLINN TBT Spec TBT In House 2 td_newreleases032310 2010-03-23 04:00:00.0 UTC 2010-03-23T00:00:00.000-04:00 false templatedata/tampabaytimes/StaffArticle/data/2010/03/22/60980089-new-music-dvds-and-video-games-for-march-21-27 StaffArticle things-to-do,eventsEventsNew releases this weekMusicJustin Bieber, My World 2.0Pet Shop Boys, Pandemonium LiveMonica, Still StandingShe & Him, Volume TwoJoe Bonamassa, Black RockScorpions, Sting in the TailGoldfrapp, Head FirstSesame Street, Old School, Vol. 1Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Rise & ShineEvents,Features,things-to-doEvents,Features,things-to-do 2270098 2016-03-20 22:51:23.0 UTC 5 Months Ago top-things-to-do-in-tampa-bay-for-the-week-of-march-21-27 things-to-do/events Top things to do in Tampa Bay for the week of March 21-27 StaffArticle 2270747 2016-03-25 14:38:36.0 UTC 5 Months Ago top-things-to-do-in-tampa-bay-for-sunday-march-27 things-to-do/events Top things to do in Tampa Bay for Sunday March 27 StaffArticle 2263943 2016-02-03 21:21:08.0 UTC 7 Months Ago plan-your-weekend-feb-5-7-florida-state-fair-orchestra-salutes-final things-to-do/events Plan your weekend Feb. 5-7: Florida State Fair, orchestra salutes Final Fantasy video game music, Monster Jam returns StaffArticle <p>New releases this week</p> <p>Music</p> <p>Justin Bieber, <i>My World 2.0</i></p> <p>Pet Shop Boys, <i>Pandemonium Live</i></p> <p>Monica, <i>Still Standing</i></p> <p>She &amp; Him,<i> Volume Two</i></p> <p>Joe Bonamassa, <i>Black Rock</i></p> <p>Scorpions, <i>Sting in the Tail</i></p> <p>Goldfrapp, <i>Head First</i></p> <p>Sesame Street, <i>Old School, Vol. 1</i></p> <p>Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, <i>Rise </i><i>&amp; Shine</i></p> <p>Bird and the Bee, <i>Tribute to Hall and Oates</i></p> <p>Sonya Kitchell,<i> Convict Of Conviction</i></p> <p>The Who,<i> Greatest Hits Live</i></p> <p>David Russell, <i>Sonidos Latinos</i></p> <p>Osvaldo Golijov, <i>La Pasion Segun San Marcos</i></p> <p><i>Brooklyn's Finest </i>soundtrack</p> <p><i>Greenberg </i>soundtrack</p> <p><i>Hot Tub Time Machine</i> soundtrack</p> <p><i>Repo Men </i>soundtrack</p> <p><i>How to Train Your Dragon </i>soundtrack</p> <p>DVDs</p> <p><i>The African Queen</i></p> <p><i>After Dark Horrorfest 4</i></p> <p><i>The Blind Side</i></p> <p><i>Brothers</i></p> <p><i>Fantastic Mr. Fox</i></p> <p><i>Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove</i></p> <p><i>Mad Men</i>: Season Three</p> <p><i>Men Who Stare at Goats</i></p> <p><i>The Prisoner</i></p> <p><i>Red Cliff</i></p> <p>Video games</p> <p><i>Build A Bear: Friendship Valley </i>(Wii)</p> <p><i>Build A Bear: Welcome To Hugsville </i>(DS)</p> <p><i>Cheer We Go</i> (DS)</p> <p><i>How To Train Your Dragon </i>(360, PS3, Wii, DS)</p> <p><i>Imagine Gymnast </i>(DS)</p> <p><i>Just Cause 2</i> (360, PS3, PC)</p> <p><i>Moto GP 09/10</i> (360, PS3)</p> <p><i>My Pet Chimp </i>(DS)</p> <p><i>Painkiller Pandemonium </i>(PC)</p> <p><i>Pizza Delivery Boy</i> (Wii)</p> <p><i>Red Steel 2</i> (Wii)</p> <p><i>Rooms: Main Building</i> (Wii, DS)</p> <p><i>Settlers 7 Paths To A Kingdom</i> (PC)</p> <p><i>Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey </i>(DS)</p> <p><i>Squishy Tank </i>(DS)</p> <p><i>Stitch Jam</i> (DS)</p> <p>— Joshua Gillin</p>trueruntime2016-08-30 05:45:11