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    1. Unlimited blowouts for $99? Where's my wine?


      A few weeks ago, I had a beauty chair revelation. Getting a blowout is the actual best.

      When you get your hair blow dried by a professional, you're able to strangle annoying men with it!
    2. My Outfit Monday: That time I tried on the stuff someone left behind in the dressing room


      I have a real problem with people who leave piles of clothes in the dressing room. Like, how hard is it to bring the stuff out and put it on the return rack? The store pays people to put the clothes back for you! You don't even have to do it! You just have to move them from a hook to a rack slightly outside the dressing …

      Hey, this car is neat! Let's stand in front of it!
    3. Friday afternoon love note: RMS Eye Polish


      I used DD Katie's RMS eye shadow at some point, though I can't remember when. Maybe her bachelorette party? Maybe one night before hitting happy hour in a desperate attempt to freshen? 

      RMS Eye Polish in Magnetic
    4. How the spirit of the times led me to Kat Von D: A case study


      I was driving back from Sephora the other day, because I have a problem, when I started mentally taking stock of what was on my face. I realized I was a walking billboard for about half a dozen different brands.

      She's cool and edgy, just like that girl who would never be friends with you in school.
    5. Boater's Republic: Shop for boating and fishing gear — and fashion


      It may be cold, rainy or windy outside, but at Boater's Republic it is always warm, with optimum sailing and boating conditions. Owner Mark Thomas wears shorts, hat and flip-flops, a Kenny Chesney song plays in the background and the temperature is kept in the comfortable upper 70s. The shop sells boating and fishing …

      Florida proud. Featuring the Florida flag, Skinny Water Culture hats ($29.99) are made in Clearwater and are the best-selling hats in the store.
    6. Designer Michael Vollbracht revives a lifetime of tattered fashion



      Light leaps from the shiny beading of the black silk fabric that hangs loosely on the dress form.

      Michael Vollbracht arranges a custom-made necklace on an Oscar de la Renta creation from the 1970s, part of his collection of costumes, textiles and shoes that will be on display in Ybor City tonight to benefit the St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation.
    7. Stomachs, sleeves and capes: A Golden Globes red carpet recap


      It's always disconcerting when celebrities start trotting out a trend such as "skin cutouts around the abdomen," because it means inevitably the rest of the normal sandwich-eating world will get brainwashed into thinking "Maybe I should wear stomach cut-outs, too..." And before we know it, Forever 21 has a line of …

      I mean, I'm glad she came with a cape. But everyone would be lying if they didn't want to see Taraji P. Henson show up in, like, a leopard trench coat or a denim-on-denim outfit reminiscent of Britney and Justin's 2001 VMA couples costume. She's Cookie Lyon, whether she likes it or not. Thankfully, she was serving enough face to make up for the lack of accessories.
    8. Join the Deal Divas for Golden Globes live-tweeting Sunday!


      The Golden Globe Awards could not have snuck up more sneakily this year. But, we'll be darned. It's indeed time to pop open a pint of Ben and Jerry's and get to armchair QBing the red carpet.

      It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiime!
    9. Falling head over heels on the trail

      This week, "boots on the ground" took on a whole new meaning in politics.

      In theory, Rubio rocks those stacked heels at a New Hampshire stop on Sunday.
    10. From lovely lobs to puffy lips, trends to keep or toss in 2016


      We made it to the end of the year, our closets bursting with new acquisitions and some we'd rather forget. Here at Deal Divas HQ, we are reflecting on the hits and misses of 2015, grateful high-waisted pants were not so much of a thing this year, but concerned for the lip health of the youth of tomorrow. So, what should …

      Is that Deal Diva Katie? No, it's Jennifer Lawrence, sporting an equally lovely lob, or long bob. Keep.