Sunday, May 27, 2018

A fashionable $5 outfit? It can be done

I've been bargain hunting since I was young girl. And I've had some good scores over the years.

But even I have to admit that I was pretty daunted by the challenge of finding a whole outfit for $5.

Could it be done? Check out the results.

I knew I needed a strategy and some luck. I found both recently when I walked into Sunshine Thrift Store in St. Petersburg.

Not only does the store, at 2808 34th St. N, have a large selection of clothes, but everyday there's a $1 rack set up near the front. And many people don't realize that thrift stores, like their regular retail counterparts, also have sales.

The day I went, nearly all clothing was 50 percent off. Score.

I started at the $1 area, finding a white, three-quarter-length sweater. Then I moved to a rack nearby, where my eyes zeroed in on a navy blue skirt, on sale for $2.73.

I could have stopped there, right? But I wanted to push it further — how close to $5 could I get? Plus, I'd gone in the dressing room to try on the skirt and top and knew it needed ... something.

I went back to the racks, shifting clothes this way and that. A tiny scrap of purple material caught my eye. It was a simple cami tank, perfect to slip under the sweater. Price? A whopping 28 cents.

Yes, please.

My total with tax? $4.29.

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