Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eugenia Woods: Where local history meets local fashion

Every girl has stood in front of her mirror at some point and said she had nothing to wear. Sisters Rebekah Lazaridis and Rachel Alderson are no exception, but on one of those nights they did something about it. They created Eugenia Woods, a collection of modern vintage accessories with a store in St. Petersburg.

When they opened the paneled glass doors to their boutique, they wanted people to feel like they had stepped back in time. Mixing modern staples, current trends and nostalgic allusions, Eugenia Woods is a 21st-century nod to another era. A beanie has a 1920s feel with its vintage buttons and veil. A leather clutch gets a rustic finish by having a vintage feed bag sewed into its front. Each piece is handmade and unique, just like in the old days, but meant to work in a world of smart phones, denim and fashion lovers on a recession budget. Everything in the store can be personalized within one business day and prices range from $16 for the Peter Pan detachable collars to $150 for the double-lined leather clutches.

Tucked into the Crislip Arcade in downtown St. Petersburg, the small and cozy spot doubles as shop and atelier, selling the pieces Alderson envisioned and Lazaridis created right there on the distressed sewing table next to the drawers full of vintage fabrics, buttons and beads that are turned into the store's inventory. Along the walls hangs a collection of tote bags that are an ode to their hometown. The St. Pete Shuffle, Old Northeast and Thrill Hill are some of the city's iconic landmarks illustrated on canvas, giving new meaning to shopping local.

— Natalia Galbetti is a freelance writer and director of sales and marketing at k.hendrix in St. Petersburg. Follow her on Twiter at @NatiGalbetti.

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