Saturday, June 23, 2018

Exclusivity is A. Haley Boutique's style

When Jennifer Haley Luebbe and her brother decided to open a boutique together, they were dreaming big. They named it A. Haley Boutique in the hopes that once there were many of them all over the country, each of them would be a Haley boutique. With a new one just opened in Arkansas, where the siblings are originally from, their vision is becoming a reality, but the first and original A. Haley Boutique is the one in Tampa.

Opened in March 2012 and located across the street from International Plaza, the women's-wear boutique is all about exclusivity. From upscale brands like Lush, sold at department stores like Nordstrom, to hard-to-find offline ones like Glaze, each style in the store is only available in six identical items. Once they sell out, no matter how popular it might have been, the style is never ordered again, guaranteeing that every piece purchased at the store is somewhat exclusive to the owner.

This form of limited-edition shopping is an aspect Luebbe thought was crucial to have at her store after years of working for big chains of mass-produced garments. Another was affordable prices. Despite calling herself a Plain Jane when it comes to her style, Luebbe was always a bargain shopper and wanted to offer her customers the best quality at the best price. From chiffon or jersey maxi skirts in the upper $20 range; fedoras, floppy and Panama hats at $18; and leather bags large and clutch-sized topping off at $51, all items are priced under $100.

To give shoppers an even more personal shopping experience, all sales associates are also trained stylists with a background in fashion design who can help put together the most flattering and occasion appropriate outfits from girls' night out to a daytime wedding.

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Published: 06/13/18