Monday, May 21, 2018

Finding the deal in pricier denim

A friend shared recently a story of her denim breaking point, the agony of not being able to find denim suited for petite, curvy people, how it made her want to cry.

Sorry to hear it, girl. I'm short and curvy and haven't felt that way in years.

My body places an emphasis, you might say, on the thigh and posterior regions, yet I've had my jeans issues sorted out since high school. How do I do it?, many have asked (okay, maybe just my friends one time at a happy hour that they might not remember).

Admittedly, my secret — which may not work for everyone or cause a Deal Divas revolt — comes with its own pain. The pain of a lighter wallet, smaller debit account, fewer happy hours.

My jeans come from Buckle.

A lot of people don't know about Buckle. If they do, it's not always for good reasons. Its displays tend to be heavy on the Ed Hardy, rhinestoned-and-ripped-look-but-I-bought-it-that-way-so-it's-cool vibe. I urge you to ignore the hot mess on their mannequins and go in. There is quality, curve-embracing denim inside.

Here's what's working for me lately: the BKE Sabrina. It's a so-called regular fit that comes in many varieties. Other fits within this brand are tailored for regular to curvy, curvy and slim.

I have a stretchy Sabrina boot-cut pair in dark wash; a low-slung stretchy pair with neat-o, un-Hardyesque back pocket detailing; and flares that have some decorative white stitching detail. You'll notice I didn't say skinnies or trendy jeans in bright, light colors. Those aren't flattering, so I don't go there.

Good news! BKE brand tends to be the store's cheapest. You could spend more on other brands there, such as Silver, Rock Revival, Big Star and Miss Me (I've also loved a pair of those).

Bad news: BKE jeans still run $60-$90.

I know, I know, not very Deal Diva-like. I envy you readers who can pick up a pair for $20-$40 and call it a day.

Still, it's a price I gladly pay for not feeling like my friend. I might buy a pair or two each year. The store offers free hemming if the jeans run long.

There's one at Westfield Countryside mall in Clearwater, the Shops at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel, Westfield Citrus Park and Westfield Brandon.