Thursday, May 24, 2018

Five new fall fashion trends to try or trash

Fall is on the horizon, and whether the weather cooperates or not, those passionate about beauty and style are no doubt itching to change their looks. This week, I've rounded up trends that work now, despite the heat, and those that are sure to cool off quickly.

Try it: Fast forward to fall

The easiest way to embrace fall is to incorporate the season's hues into your wardrobe, even if that means donning a mossy green tank top. Pantone's fall color predictions included Deep Lichen green, a woodsy hue; Acai purple; Mykonos blue; Samba red and Vivacious pink. According to, a site that mapped the fall fashion weeks by color trends, blue and red ruled New York and London while dark blue alone reigned in Paris. The takeaway? Update your wardrobe now with shades of navy, royal and the like in sheer, light fabrics as an easy and wearable way to transition to fall.

Trash it: mascara-free eyes

Sometimes, fashion's elite try to pull rank by attempting to sell us some outlandish new trend. Such is the case with the no-mascara look being touted as tres chic. Let's stick together, ladies, and remind the powers that be that we're still in charge here. We love mascara and we're not willing to give it up. Are you with me?

Try it: Get naked

Black polish may end up the champion of fall manis, but an easy way to transition from your orange and fuchsia summer lacquers is to start with another fall beauty trend, the nude manicure. Yes, I know, you've been sporting polka dot nails, striped nails and bedazzled nails, so the thought of going nude is more shocking than Miley with a foam finger. However, the nude nail trend is easy to master and, by toning down your nails, you leave room to experiment with a different statement makeup, like Acai purple eye shadow, perhaps.

Trash it: socks and sandals

There was a time when I wore frilly lace socks and pumps and, I'm here to tell you, some fashion mistakes take decades to recover from. And so, no matter how many times Prada or Burberry or Christian Dior try to convince us that sandals and socks are anything but bizarre, I urge you to rebel. Some experts may call this look a big fall trend, but in the real world socks and sandals are just plain silly.

Try it: Wear white after Labor Day

Finally a trend seemingly designed for Floridians. Shades of white are the breakaway stars of Fall 2013, with fashion insiders declaring that wearing white after Labor Day, considered a fashion faux pas for years, is now acceptable. Turns out even white shoes are on-trend well beyond September, proving that when it comes to style, rules are meant to be trashed.

— Carolyn Brundage is the founder of, a guide to the best in local beauty. Need beauty advice? Tweet up with Carolyn at @tampabaypretty.