Friday, June 22, 2018

How to get your closet ready for its close-up

Professional closet organizer, stylist and designer Bobbie Kingsbury has organized Lisa Casalino's closet, as well as a dozen other wardrobes around Tampa Bay via her business, The Fashion Authority. We asked her to share her top five tips. — Stephanie Hayes

1. Keep clothes color-coordinated. I also like to keep clothes categorized. Jeans all together, trousers and pants together, camis, blouses, halter tops, T-shirts, all grouped by color and style. Skirts and dresses grouped, too.

2. Keep clothes on the same type of hangers, whether felt or wooden. I like to use the same hangers for continuity and aesthetics. It looks cleaner and more uniform if all clothes are hanging on the same type of hangers. It also saves space if they are the thin, felt ones. I like them best because the clothes don't slip off like they do from the wooden ones.

3. Go through your closets and put away "seasonal" items every six months.

4. If you haven't worn it in a year (with the exception of winter coats and other weather-specific items), donate it or recycle it.

5. Don't keep clothes that don't fit. Never save "fat clothes" or "skinny clothes." If the garment isn't your size, donate or recycle it.

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Published: 06/13/18