Thursday, April 26, 2018

Inspired by Macklemore, we're popping tags at Goodwill with $20 in our pocket

The Dinner Party

Amy King, 34, registered nurse, Largo

We assigned Amy the task of dressing up for a Thanksgiving dinner party. She came away with:

Black dress: No label, $5.87

Black satin pumps: Clery, Webb & Touraine, $10.36

Earrings: $2.06

Total: $18.83

What she beelines to first: "Dresses are the best value in the store because it's basically a whole outfit for $5."

How she got into thrifting: "My family has always been into it. We would go and find antique household goods at thrift stores for great prices. It just kind of moved over into clothes because I love to shop."

The First Date

Kayla Vanstone, 23, CVS employee, Clearwater

Kayla got first date-ready with $20 and dream of being sexy but comfortable.

Dress: Wet Seal, $5.87

Shoes: Chadwicks, $10.36

Necklace and bracelet: Laliberi Scarf Adornment, $1.49 each

Total: $19.21

One of the surprising parts of thrifting: "The stuff people leave behind in the pockets. I found money one time and another time I found a condom wrapper. At least that was in a men's leather jacket."

Her thrifting methods: "It would take me a long time, maybe half a day, because there is a lot to look through. I want to make sure I've got what I want so I really have to get in there and dig."

The Concert

Katarina McCormack, 24, Paul Mitchell student and salon assistant, Tampa

Kat's heading to Saturday's Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert at the USF Sun Dome in her look, ready to be seen.

Jumpsuit: Barboglio Cristine Jan, $5.87

Blazer: Linea by Louis Dell'Olio, $6.97

Total: $12.84

Her style dictums: "Loud. I love pieces that are loud and unique and just bright. For my birthday I found a gold-sequined Beyonce cocktail dress for $5 at Goodwill."

Why thrifting is here to stay: "Honestly, I think some of the best-dressed people in Tampa are thrifters. We're at the place that it's nothing to be ashamed of and people even post their thrift-shop outfits on Instagram."

The Office

Katie Lamont, 17, senior at East Lake High School, Palm Harbor

Not everyday is a party. Katie shows off office chic for less with her $20 budget.

Blazer: Jones Wear Petite, $5.87

Earrings: $2.06

Top: Kristen, $4.27

Skirt: Worthington, $4.77

Total: $16.97

How she got into thrifting: "I started in the seventh grade, easing into it through resale shops like Plato's Closet, just to get into the idea that the clothes I'm wearing aren't brand new."

Why giving is as much fun as receiving: "I donate almost as much as I shop because when you're in the stores you kind of see the good that it can do."