Sunday, April 22, 2018

Looking back in style


Cocktails & Couture, Ritz Ybor

A glam runway mixer went down for the second year in a row at the Ritz Ybor. The Cocktails & Couture event is all about swanky drinks and looks, and while the rain may have kept some people home, organizers still put on a spicy show. The cocktails, including the popular autumnal "Diane von Pumpkinberg," were pricey ($11!), but proceeds went to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, so it's all good. Last year, most of the runway styles came from Saks Fifth Avenue, so the looks were pretty cohesive. This year, our eyes went for a wild ride from one moment to the next. Everything from Lululemon Athletica yoga pants to studded cowboy boots from Keys Country to androgynous punk looks from Revolve Clothing Exchange envisioned by Branden Hollywood sailed past our eyes. You know what they say — variety, spice of life, etc.


History of Fashion, St. Petersburg Museum of History

Ever wonder what skivvies looked like in the 1960s? We found out at the History of Fashion Event at the St. Petersburg Museum of History. The event, billed as a "unique stroll through the forbidden fashion of St. Pete," was actually pretty tame, but featured some cool frocks and undergarments, both vintage and new, from Little Brooklyn Vintage, Ramblin' Rose Upcycle and The Shop. The event, more of a model installation than an actual fashion show, was much more low-key than last year's runway version. We heard some last-minute changes left everything up in the air. But we still enjoyed taking a peek at everything from a 1930s Grecian nightgown to a 1960s mod wedding dress, perfect for a Mad Men-inspired fling even Betty Draper-Francis would attend.


Model Behavior Cocktail Reception

The whispers started as soon as we walked into the Blu Lounge at Ocean Prime for Tampa Bay Fashion Week's Model Behavior party. Kato Kaelin was there, mingling with the models and designers. Yes, Kato Kaelin, the towhead pop culture personality made famous in the '90s for his role as a witness in the O.J. Simpson trial, was there with actor-turned-lingerie designer Rhonda Shear, a Tampa Bay Fashion Week staple. The two celebs are teaming up for — you guessed it — a line of pajamas. It will be called Kato KouchPotato Wear, inspired by Kaelin's reputation in the media as a couch surfer. He wants everyone to "embrace your inner slacker," he said. The line, which they hope to have out by Valentine's Day, will feature extra pockets for remote controls and snacks. "Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos," he said. "If it ends in O, you should wear Kato." Between taking pictures with Shear and Kaelin (guilty!), guests nibbled sushi and oysters on the half shell and sipped the specialty Berries & Bubbles martini, which fizzed with dry ice and tasted exactly like a SweeTart.