Friday, April 20, 2018

Makeup trends to sport (and skip) this spring

Neutral nails are the trend for spring, declared one well-known beauty website. Another highly regarded fashion mag pronounced leather nail lacquer and metallic crocodile designs the leading looks for the season. Bold brows are a must for spring 2013, according to one glossy which, in the same article, also pointed out that bleached brows are a big spring trend. Pastel eyes? A must. But so is neon eye liner. Worn together, perhaps? I'm not convinced.

Confused by the endless array of seemingly contradictory spring beauty trends making the rounds? You're not alone. Not to worry, ladies. I may not cover every beauty trend you'll unearth this season, but I've rounded up the only trends you need to know about and made them shockingly simple to embrace, while naming a few you can feel free to dismiss.

Sport it! Bold fuscia lips continue to rule many a designer runway, and while red is still on fire, shades of hot pink seem to be the hues on everyone's lips for spring. Colors I recommend include "Pink Petal" from Smashbox ($19), "Satin Bright Pink" from Make Up For Ever ($19) and "Game Changer" from Sunday Riley ($32), all available at Sephora. To make this look really of the moment, go matte by blotting lips post-color application with a tissue and then dusting with a sheer coat of translucent powder.

Skip it. Hot pink eye shadows, a la Donna Karan and Theory, are a big spring trend. The problem is "pink eye" is extremely unflattering, lending a zombie-like pallor to lids rather than a gorgeous spring glow. True, zombies are having a moment, but let's not steal their spotlight.

Sport it! Long lashes fluttered down the runways of Gucci, Versace and Giorgio Armani this season. Groundbreaking? Hardly. Flattering and achievable? Absolutely. To get the look for Gucci, makeup artist Pat McGrath started with falsies and then layered 10 coats of CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara on models ($4.89 at You've got this.

Skip it. Some are calling the natural lash look a spring "trend," pointing out certain runway presentations where models strutted sans mascara. True, bare lashes do have their place … at the gym and on your pillow. Yes, there may be days you go without mascara, but let's call it what it is — an alarm clock malfunction, not a fashion statement.

Sport it! Spring's rock 'n' roll waves, parted down the middle, are replete with texture and body, making this hairstyle accessible and sexy. Meant to look effortless, you'll actually need a few minutes to lock this look down. Apply a root-boosting spray to damp hair followed by a texturizing product such as Organix's Moroccan Sea Salt Spray ($7.99 at Walmart); scrunch with fingers and allow hair to air dry or blow dry with a diffuser.

Skip it. Remember last year's "wet" hair trend? I'm still trying to forget. Some of this season's sleek hairstyles are just as bad, and equally as likely to leave your children guffawing at your throwback pictures in 20 years. Sporting greasy locks is gross enough; purposely styling hair to appear unwashed is just silly.

Sport it! Flawless skin is being named a trend for spring. By all means, go flawless if you can, and if not naturally airbrushed, invest in a solid BB or CC cream, which will cover imperfections, even skin tone, moisturize and, most importantly, protect skin from sun damage and possibly even help prevent skin cancer.

Skip it. Contouring itself is not a new concept, but when designers suggest contouring the hollows of cheeks and sockets of eyes to create that oh-so-lovely she-hasn't-slept-in-days look, I say skip it. Because trends, like seasons, will change, but common sense is timeless.