Monday, June 18, 2018

New Beautifully Disney makeup line: Not just for princesses

What happens when a Disney girl grows up? When Cinderella becomes Rihanna and blue ball gowns with glass slippers become skinny jeans and stilettos?

Little girls want to be Sleeping Beauty. But women? They want to be Maleficent.

In order to extend their brand from once-upon-a-time to a more grown-up vibe of sexily-ever-after, Disney has just launched a makeup line dubbed Beautifully Disney — a way for women with jobs, babies and responsibilities to tap into their inner princess (or villain). The first collection of the line, Wickedly Beautiful, blends the essence of Disney princesses like Ariel and Snow White with their cruel counterparts like Ursula and the Evil Queen.

"This collection gives you the ability to be the really romantic beautiful princess or that villainess vixen that's in every single woman here today," said Erin Catalano, merchandise communication manager for Disney theme park merchandise.

Wickedly Beautiful, which is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, contains eye shadow palettes, lip glosses and nail polishes.

Yvette Rodriguez, Disney cosmetologist, made me over with a smoky gray from the Midnight Hour eye shadow palette paired with a light beige from the Enchanted Kiss palette (both $27.95). I wasn't dazzled. The gray fell from the brush onto my cheeks, which made me feel more like a sweaty linebacker rather than Belle beautiful. But when I tried it later with primer and a better brush, it applied smoother and lasted hours longer.

The rich nail polishes are the real gems of the collection. One coat of Looking For My Prince, a red as glaring as Snow White's ruby lips, feels like three. The color is thick, heavy and hugs the nail as the brush skates across. This is honestly nicer than any bottle I've come across in a nail salon. And at $8.95 a pop, I'd buy three.

For lip gloss, Rodriguez slathered a schmear of Soul Survivor ($14.95) on my lips. Ursula and her smarmy smirk decorates the tube. The formula was sinfully purple and creamy, like a good gloss should be. I have to admit, I felt a little sea-witchy that day — and I loved it.

"We created it for the guest that loves Disney, loves makeup and loves beauty," Catalano said. "We want it to be something that you can put in your purse and take wherever you go so you can have that Disney nostalgia feel wherever you are."

Fanny Cros, a middle-aged mom who traveled from France to visit Disney with her family, was one of the first people in line to sample the products Saturday at TrenD, a boutique-y gift shop in Downtown Disney.

"They look very pretty," she said. "I really like it, but I don't wear much makeup usually. I would buy this for special occasions."

Beautifully Disney will be rolling out two more collections: one towards the summer called Unlocking the Spell and another in fall called Fiery Spirit, a nod to Pocahontas.

For those who can't flock to the parks, select products can be purchased online ( and all of them can be ordered over the phone (877-560-6477).

No matter how old we get, we always think back to our childlike love for Belle or Ariel or Jasmine. And despite our desire to be sexy all the time, if we can swipe on some sparkly Cinderella lip gloss and feel seven again, there's nothing wrong with that. We're just getting a piece of our childhood back. But for those times when it feels better to be bad, that flaming little tube of Evil Queen gloss will get us there.

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