Thursday, April 19, 2018

Testing new ways to fight acne at home

Whether you're 16 or 36, acne puts a definite damper on your confidence. But when it comes to acne, it turns out some often-repeated causes and cures are untrue. Chocolate may not be good for your thighs, but it's not to blame for blemishes. And don't even think of heading to the beach to clear up acne. A tan may temporarily dry out skin, but that same dehydration will cause acne to flare up with a vengeance when the sun goes down. And toothpaste may be easily accessible, but it's an old wives tale that it will help cure acne. There are, however, thousands of products on the market that promise to improve blemish-prone skin ... and a couple I've found that actually do.

An invisible cure

Anti-blemish Skinetica is one of the most exciting new anti-acne products I've tested.

It's free of toxins and harsh chemicals, does not bleach or transfer, does not harm skin and has a physical, rather than chemical, mode of action. Apply it once every 12 hours and wear it under makeup, and no one will ever know you have it on.

Skinetica also works amazingly quickly on a variety of body parts, so for those who are blemish-prone in areas other than the face (think chest or back), Skinetica to the rescue. Simply apply it to cleansed skin with a cotton ball. It's invisible with no coating and remains active for 12 hours without washing off. You can buy Skinetica for $17 — or request a free sample — at, though it takes five to 10 days to arrive from the U.K.

Home microdermabrasion

I'm a little bit obsessed with PMD, a personal microderm device that puts the benefits of professional microdermabrasion treatments in the palm of your hand.

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation process that uses tiny crystals to buff away dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin, home to many of your favorite flaws, including fine wrinkles and pimples. PMD removes dead skin from the outermost layer with several benefits. First, the body rushes to replace the lost skin cells with new, healthy cells, causing mild swelling and redness that may last from one to several hours. Second, with the outermost layer broken down, topical creams and serums penetrate the deeper into the skin, finding their way to lower level of the skin, where they can potentially be of more benefit.

PMD is incredibly easy to use. The device offers several different "discs" that determine the strength of abrasion; a white disc is included for testing the device, a blue disc for sensitive skin, a green disc for medium strength abrasion and a special order red disc for maximum abrasion. Select your disc of choice, snap it on, plug in the device and the PMD is ready to perform microderm magic at home. Get it for $179 at