Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Testing the best hair products for dry, frizzy and thinning hair

Hair can be your crowning glory or it can simply fall flat.

The secret is that where good genes end, good hair-care products kick in, making "good hair days" doable for all of us. Over the past several months, I tried and tested more than 37 new products to round up a handful that really deliver on their promises to improve hair.

Balanced hair care

Veria ID had me at "hello," thanks to five simple words stamped across the tube of Truly Deeply Conditioner, "for hair that's born dry." Born with ultra-curly hair, a type that tends to be dry, and raised in Miami with humidity galore, dry hair was a hallmark of my youth. Veria ID serves up natural hair care, skin care and body care featuring products that are based in Ayurveda and are full of organic ingredients. Plus, Veria embraces recycled packaging and renewable energy in its manufacturing. I'm infatuated with its Truly Deeply conditioner from the Inner Dosha Vatta collection because it leaves hair soft, smooth and nourished. It serves up some great hair days. Get it for $11 at select Whole Foods locations or find a retailer at VeriaID.com.

Shine on

Shiny hair is the holy grail of stunning locks. Pureology's Lustrous Volumizer is a fairly new product that delivers on its promises to boost body and shine for color-treated hair. This volumizer actually serves as a shield from summer's harshest rays, thanks to UVA/UVB protection. Plus, there's the benefit of an effective color guard with the help of Pureology's proprietary anti-fade formula for color-treated hair. Get it for about $24 at local salons, including Shampoo, The Salon in Tampa and Lola Jane's in St. Pete.

Stay cool

Depending on the day, summer temps can seem like a blessing or a curse. Waterside and breezy, 90 degrees is amazing, but take that same temperature on a business appointment and frizzy hair paired with clammy hands reads less then relaxed. Enter Straighten Out from Bed Head by Tigi. This humidity defying product promises to help hair stay ultra-smooth, even in 98 percent humidity, and lasts for up to 48 hours. Simply apply a dollop of Straighten Out to damp hair, comb through before blow drying hair and finish with a flat iron to seal in super sleek locks. Get it for $17.99 at salons and Ulta locations.

Don't act your age

You don't have to be visibly bald or thinning to know that, with time, your hair is just not as thick and healthy as it once was. Pantene's new Age Defy collection promises hair that "acts up to 10 years younger," and while I'm not quite sure what that really means in terms of results, I can tell you that locks do in fact appear thicker with use. Get it for about $20 at local drug and big-box stores.