Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Three eye makeup tips you haven't heard about

Follow typical beauty advice or the instructions included with your favorite cosmetics and you're often left with results that are less than stellar. On the other hand, hang out with experts who've used these products again and again and you'll discover unusual application tricks only whispered backstage and shared in industry circles. This week, I've rounded up three little-divulged beauty tricks that really work.

Apply false lashes like a real pro

Any woman who has applied false lashes on herself knows just how difficult it can be to fake long lashes without expert assistance. I used to struggle myself until a makeup artist shared this shockingly simple yet effective tip: apply lash glue to your own lash line rather than applying to the base of falsies as typically recommended. (I typically use an eyeliner brush to apply the glue to my lash line.) Once applied, use a swab with the cotton removed to press the lashes into place. Always start by applying lashes from the outside corner of the lash line in.

Never throw away old mascara

There's no reason to toss a used mascara wand in the trash, because cleaned mascara wands are ideal for a multitude of beauty uses. Clean old mascara applicators with eye makeup remover followed by skin cleanser and hot water. Once clean, and dry, these wands are ideal to use for taming wild brows and errant updo hairs. I use a mascara wand generously coated with hairspray to tame baby hairs around my ears and at the nape of my neck anytime I opt for an updo. Other wands are used to brush brows, and in a pinch, a touch of Vaseline on the tip of a recycled mascara wand is ideal for shaping brows.

Master liquid liner (finally)

Even women who are the most adept at applying their makeup can find liquid liner vexing. You need a steady hand to apply it well; it quickly goes from just right to overdone and it smears faster than you can say "bagel." Have no fear; with these three tips you master applying liquid liner.

Use a felt-tip liner when possible. My standby is EnvyDerm's liquid eyeliner ($36), which also happens to promote lash growth. You'll be tempted to close your eyes to apply the liner; don't. Keep your eyes open and apply liquid liner by creating three small dashes at the lash line. Next, connect the dashes and, finally, close your eyes for about 20 seconds to allow it to dry.

Finally, you can apply cat eyes without ending up looking like a tiger.

— Carolyn Brundage is founder of tampabay.prettycity.com. Advice? Tweet with Carolyn @tampabaypretty.