Sunday, June 24, 2018

Three subscription beauty boxes worth checking out

Across the pond there's Glossybox. In Singapore it's Glamabox. But when it comes to beauty product subscriptions, stateside we're just booming with choices. Always on the hunt for deals you should know about, I got my hot little hands on several product subscription services so that I could report to you on what's hot — or not — when it comes to boxes full o' beauty.

What's a beauty subscription? In a nutshell, you purchase a subscription to these services and, each month, they deliver products and samples, supposedly at a fraction of the retail price. I found and reviewed subscription services ranging from $10 to $50 a month.


Every month members receive a selection of four to five beauty products, typically deluxe sample sized, for $10 (shipping is free). The company claims it caters samples to consumers' profiles and offers up high-end brands including Lipstick Queen, Korres, Nars, Stila and Origins. Included is generous information about the samples, as well as an invitation to rate and shop online. Plus, consumers earn points by purchasing and reviewing products at, and those points can be credited toward future purchases.

I say: Ideal for anyone who loves to try new beauty products or travels frequently (deluxe sample sizes make great carry-on mates).

The Look Bag

New on the beauty scene is the Look Bag. Also $10 per month, it promises an assortment of five beauty samples. Consumers can choose between monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions, and fill out a profile to get products that, like Birchbox, claim to be customized. Shipping is free.

I say: My "bag" arrived with generous samples of Kim Vo Brilliant Luster Glaze, a Suki Cleansing Bar, a moisturizer called "Sweet Vanilla Frosting," Cailyn Water Drops Cream and Rose & Cucumber Eye Cream from Kelly Teegarden Organics. Well worth $10 for a beauty addict like me!


DermStore's Beautyfix is the priciest of the subscriptions at $49.99 per quarter, including shipping. It's also the easiest to customize as consumers choose eight samples from an online store of types. DermStore products tended to be larger, often full size, rather than deluxe samples. Not presented as well as the cheaper options, in terms of overall packaging, ­Beautyfix's quarterly package contains a high-end collection of quality products selected by you.

I say: Worth the $50 if you have it in your budget, although online reviews indicate some customer service issues. Nonetheless, bigger products and the thrill of picking your own goodies make Beautyfix a personal fave.

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