First Person

  1. Hiking Pinellas' gulf coast, Fawn Germer finds her motivation (watch)

    Human Interest

    I locked my bike at one end of Fort De Soto and drove to the other. Armed with sunscreen, a hat, two GPS apps and one fragile psyche, I was ready. Ready to walk. Ready to reset my life.

    Self-help guru Fawn Germer hikes the beach at Anclote Key Preserve State Park off Tarpon Springs in the Gulf of Mexico. Germer had a bad year but realized she needed to take her own advice if anyone is to take her seriously.
  2. First Person: Observations from Ona

    Human Interest

    Many of us, when we get busy, which is always of course, are tempted to keep the blinders on. No distractions, please. Not so Tampa resident Stephen L. Goodman, left. Even on the job, he's eyes-open and awake. As a writer, Goodman says, "I have three main inspirations: as it is happening, memory and …

  3. My dogs and I, devoted till the end


    Reggie, my ball-crazy golden retriever, had a lump removed from his lip in late November. It turned out to be malignant oral melanoma. Even with surgery, some dogs live only six months.

    Illustration by DON MORRIS   |   Times
  4. Opening Lines: Time is always on the future's side

    Human Interest

    I first noticed it in Publix.

    I wasn't getting carded for PowerBall tickets anymore. When I was 25, that made me indignant; at 35, I only hid a smile.

  5. Weird Florida, yes, but an oddly beautiful home

    Human Interest

    I had not lived in Florida in 18 years.

    I'd spent most of my childhood in Tallahassee and Fort Walton Beach, done college at the University of Florida for the cheap in-state tuition (I hear it's not so cheap anymore), and fled as soon as I graduated.

  6. When a teen gets a driver's license, mom is left with memories

    Human Interest

    I couldn't wait for my son to get his driver's license.