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Creepy crawly Crunch N' Munch

Who needs Cheetos when you can have Worm Crisps? Oven baked, never fried. Tastes like popcorn.

That's what you'll find at, a British Web site of strange stuff you can put in your mouth (translation: heebie-jeebie gross critters). We like to think of it as entertainment only, but the site does ship overseas if you're interested. We'll take you for a quick cruise around the site:

Big on bugs

Antlix Lollipop: Farm-raised ants in a peppermint pop. Sugar free, so go nuts, have two.

Chocolate Covered Giant Ants: Their most popular product! Hand toasted and coated in the finest Belgian chocolate.

Toffee Scorpion Candy: Contains a whole edible scorpion -- heat-treated so the toxins won't kill you. Good to know.

Chocolate Covered Scorpion: Just like a Kit Kat.

Scorpion Vodka: If you swig enough vodka and squint, the scorpion kinda looks like a deformed shrimp or something. Little cocktail sauce and down the hatch.

Thai Curry Crickets: Wash 'em down with ice cold beer!

Do anything for love

24 Karat Gold Lollipop: Champagne-flavored, with real flakes of gold.

Lizard wine: Brandy-like liquor fermented in a cask with lizards.

Pearl Lollipop: Made with ground pearls.

For meat-eaters

Reindeer Pate: Delish with a glass of brandy or Christmas cookies.

Thai Green Crocodile Curry: Heat and serve right out of the can.

Coffee, tea or flee

Civet Coffee: The rarest coffee in the world, and here's why: The beans are collected from civet cat poop. If that doesn't gross you out ...

Weasel Coffee: Collected from weasel barf, cleaned and roasted. Smooth.

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