Thursday, February 22, 2018
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The Hurricane: Puzzle No. 6

By Merl Reagle

GO ON, GIVE IT A WHIRL This puzzle will have you coming and going! The Inward answers start at Square 1 and spiral toward the center, one letter per square. The Outward answers start at Square 100 and spiral outward. The clue numbers denote the starting square and ending square of each answer. Words going one way will help you get words going the other way. The solution is below — but no cheating!


1-6 Refer indirectly (to)

7-15 Pioneering "thrash" rock band that sued Napster in 2000

16-21 Thin surface layer, as of finely grained wood

22-27 Do the twist or play with a hula hoop

28-35 "It's of little importance"

(2 words)

36-40 Hobbyist's glue

41-50 Having zero sparkle, as a performance

51-56 Big name in small planes

57-65 Serious girlfriend

66-72 Small bouquet of flowers often carried in one's hand

73-79 Be a ham

80-85 Gambler's refusal? (2 words)

86-94 Ex-first lady (2 words)

95-100 Despot found in a "spider hole" in 2003


100-94 Desperate rush, as for gifts on Black Friday (2 words)

93-88 Forester and Outback carmaker

87-84 Ubiquitous Baldwin

83-75 "Makes no difference to me" (3 words)

74-69 Trip by ship

68-63 Beethoven's Moonlight ___

62-54 People from Bucharest, e.g.

53-48 TV oldie, I've Got a ___

47-44 Wallow in disappointment

43-39 Part of a flower

38-31 Mini work such as The Mikado or Naughty Marietta

30-23 Part of IMF

22-17 The Third Man novelist

16-8 Waver back and forth between options

7-1 The ___ oblongata

Puzzle answers

INWARD: allude, Metallica, veneer, gyrate, no matter, epoxy, lackluster, Cessna, inamorata, nosegay, overact, no dice, Laura Bush, Saddam

OUTWARD: mad dash, Subaru, Alec, "I don't care," voyage, sonata, Romanians, secret, sulk, calyx, operetta, monetary, Greene, vacillate, medulla