Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Community Living: How to get response from unresponsive board members

How to get response from unresponsive

Q: Board members will not respond or post access numbers where they can be reached. The vice president threatened to shoot residents if they come to his door. He made the statement: "Anyone at my door will be shot." I have tried unsuccessfully to inquire why we are paying to monitor a fire alarm system that we have been assessed for several years ago and no longer works. What can I do?

A: I always suggest that you send your questions or suggestions in writing and mail it to the Board of Directors. If you do not have their address, check the Florida Corporations for the Annual Report that can be found at If they do not answer your letter, send it by certified mail. You can ask them to answer your question or maybe ask them to discuss the matter at the next meeting.

Training need not be open meeting

Q: If a board of directors were to undertake a training session by an attorney or other educators for newly elected directors, could it be done without opening the training session to the general membership? No business or actions would be taken at such a meeting.

A: The statutes say that there are two requirements that determine if a meeting of the directors constitutes a board meeting. The first is that a quorum of directors is present. The second is that association business is discussed. Both of these requirements must be met before the meeting is considered a board meeting. That means that the directors can meet for dinner, at the pool, and in education classes or other social events if they do not discuss association business. I really respect your board wanting to have such classes to really understand their duties. While there are several companies and lecturers that provide the educational classes, I provide one to start your search: Your association will be miles ahead if your directors have the proper training. Another source of the information would be your attorney or management company. I would also recommend that you have the members attend the educational class or seminar at the same time as the directors meet for the education class. They can gain information as well and be better members as well as future candidates.

Who pays for what with water damage?

Q: I have had a problem with water seeping through the walls of my condominium. What are my costs to repair or what is the condominium expense?

A: Normally the condominium would be responsible to repair the area where the water is coming through the wall. Each owner would be responsible for the damage to their personal property. If you observe water coming into your unit, report it to the board in writing and ask them to look into the problem and fix the area. Each unit owner should have insurance. To repair your personal property, file a claim.