Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Community Living: If condo board change is sought, step up

If you seek board change, step up

Q: I live in a condominium in which many owners are retired and live on a fixed income. A recent election was voided by the state due to improprieties. The next election put the same board in place.

This board and management company has ignored many of the original documents. They have mishandled our funds by depositing them in several accounts. Our current management company has stated that our rules and regulations enacted in 2007 were not enforceable since they were not recorded.

A few members contacted an attorney to help us. His retainer fee is high and we do not have the funds necessary. Even if we filed a lawsuit, the board would fight us using the association's funds to pay the legal fees. My question is, do you know the name of the state site or any resources available to help us pursue this within the legal system?

A: I do not know of any agency to help with legal costs or support.

I do have a question. I often receive similar questions where the members elect the same directors year after year and then complain about the actions of the board. If the board is so irresponsible, why do the members re-elect them?

Without other details, I wonder if you are the irresponsible member. What I mean by this is, did you talk to neighbors about electing new directors? If you did not volunteer to serve and become a candidate, it is easy to see why the same board was elected. I call it "let others do it." In such an indolent society, that thinking will lead to a subservient existence.

We have been taught that to be a good citizen, we must vote. I say that this only is part of being a good citizen. One must understand the policies and political positions of the candidates. You need to believe that they are honest and truthful and can be trusted. One needs to understand the positions of the candidate and their experience.

If a member does not want to volunteer to be a candidate to serve the association and they do not study the candidates, they waste their vote. My advice is to start knocking on doors and try to inform your neighbors about your feelings. Ask them to help.