Friday, May 25, 2018
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Community Living: Who has responsibility for repair after leak? Community Living: Who has responsibility for repair after leak?

Who has burden of repairs after a leak?

Q: We live in a three-story condominium. Our dishwasher appears to leak to the unit below. Who should repair the plumbing in this situation? The owner below called a plumber to inspect the pipes in the crawl space. The plumber reported that the plumbing had not been done correctly but he did a temporary repair. Who pays for the cost of repairs?

A: This is a document question and you must read to determine who is responsible as listed in your documents.

Normally the condominium would only be responsible for repairs to common pipes, and each owner would be responsible for the pipes that serve only their unit. It sounds like you would be responsible for the plumbing repairs.

If there were damage, each owner would be responsible for the repairs to their personal property except for common unfinished drywalls. Regardless of where the water comes from, damage to personal property is the responsibility of each owner.

Each owner should have homeowners insurance that would pay for damage repairs or replacement. Any loss of personal property should be an insurance claim.

Upkeep is only as good as your board

Q: I am a homeowner in a HOA community, which is showing signs of ill upkeep and disrepair. I believe that the key reason is the economy and poor collections from delinquent owners. I have written the manager on several occasions and have yet received any answer. What is my next step?

A: Complaints and suggestions should be addressed to the board of directors, not management. In some cases, you address it to the board of directors in care of management.

Management is not responsible for the repairs and replacements in the common areas unless the board instructs them to perform the maintenance.

If repairs and maintenance are not being taken care of, that is a board of directors responsibility. If the board is not taking an active part to collect delinquencies, then you need to elect new directors.

Most members do not take an active part in the operations and management. It is good that you are concerned, but now you need to volunteer to help the board or to become a candidate at the next election.