Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Expert advice: Decorate garden with abandon

Decorating in your garden is a wonderful place to feel the freedom to express yourself with abandon. Whether your style is kitschy, serene or elegant, if you feel so inclined it's generally okay to be a little wilder outside than in the home. • Finding a signature piece, as we see in this photograph, can be a great starting point. Though your budget may not include a larger-than-life terra cotta figure like this one, finding one distinctive element that inspires can make for a fun search. • It's always nice to find something in a color or texture that distinctly separates it from the surrounding plantings, such as colorful glazed ceramic, metal or terra cotta. • Once you have found a signature piece, one good path could be to find complementary pieces in a similar texture or palette. Here, since blue is the opposite color to orange on the color wheel, glazed blue pottery could have been a fun choice. Tuck some of your outdoor decor pieces into the foliage so that finding them creates a little mystery. • And since plantings will grow in around the decorative elements, don't be afraid to go big. Even in a small garden space, a large sculptural piece can be an appropriate statement. Decorate to make your garden a happy place, and let your spirit run free!

Scott Scherschel and Chip Vogel are designers with Interior Spaces Inc. If you have a design question for Interior Spaces, email your question with a picture to in[email protected] A solution to your question could be used in a future article.