Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Expert Advice: Need extra storage space? Consider a vanity-wide, recessed medicine cabinet

Taking full advantage of the space above your bathroom sink is an excellent way to add much-needed storage to this room in your house. • In this photograph, the tall, wide medicine cabinet spans the entire width of a custom-built, double-sink vanity. Each of the two sliding cabinet doors is fit with a beveled mirrored within the wooden door frame, which creates a lot of light reflection for the bathroom and allows generous space for two people to get ready for the day. • This cabinet was built by the same cabinet shop that prepared the vanity and other trims in the bathroom, so the detailing and hardware match the bathroom's decor. And since the cabinet was part of the renovated bathroom design, a space in the wall could be framed out — much like a window would be — to accommodate the medicine cabinet, thus allowing the cabinet to be recessed into the wall. • Since the design called for an extra-deep medicine cabinet, it also sits out from the wall about 3 inches, creating another architectural interest in the room. This allows for about a 6-inch-deep cabinet overall, and that accounts for a lot of storage. Chip Vogel

Chip Vogel is a licensed interior designer with Interior Spaces Inc. He can be reached at (813) 251-8862 or on his website,