Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Green spaces getgreener

Whether you have a primary residence or vacation home, your personal green spaces can be updated with eco-friendly items. Here are five outdoor products with green qualities.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Original rainwater pillow

The Original Rainwater Pillow, created by Alpharetta, Ga., landscaper Jim Harrington, is an option for homeowners wanting to collect, filter and store rainwater to use in hoses, sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and elsewhere. The automated system comes with the pillow (made of heavy-duty, industrial strength fabric), filter, pump, remote control and fittings. Most people purchase the pillow for outdoor irrigation, but Harrington is seeing a growing desire for other uses, such as doing laundry and flushing toilets. The pillows can be placed under decks and porches, in crawl spaces and greenhouses.

Cost: A 1,000-gallon kit is $2,500; a 2,000-gallon kit is $3,500, a 3,000-gallon kit is $4,200.

But it: Go to www.rainwater for directions for using roof measurements to determine what size kit you need.

Wall planter

Hang this planter, made of 100-percent recycled plastic bottles, on fences, walls and rails to grow annuals, perennials and edibles. The soft-sided "living wall planter" is breathable and keeps walls from getting wet, according to Woolly Pocket Garden Co. (

Cost: $40 to $150.

Buy it: EcoDenizen,

Recycled granite walkways

Old granite countertops are getting a new purpose as pavers, patios, outdoor kitchens, walkways and driveways. The pavers are made of 100-percent recycled solid granite, but the textured side of the granite is used, creating a slip-resistant surface, said Matt Dombrowski, owner of Greenstone Recycled Stone Products in Bethlehem, Ga. The company says using 100 square feet of Greenstone Pavers will prevent more than 1,600 pounds of granite waste from entering landfills.

Cost: Suggested retail price is $5.50 per square foot.

But it: www.greenstoneproducts

Reclaimed wood console

Atlanta designer and artist Margaret Taylor builds outdoor furniture made of reclaimed wood and welded steel frame. The console, joins dining tables, chairs, benches and other items from Taylor.

Cost: $793

Buy it: Dryads Dancing, Taylor's store in Chamblee, Ga.,

Glass chandeliers

Jewelry designer Kathleen Plate has received orders from folks seeking to place her custom chandeliers — made from recycled soda, wine, beer, salad dressing and sake bottles — in their outdoor entertaining areas. The chandeliers are best for accessorizing — not lighting a space — but can withstand weather conditions.

Cost: Prices vary, depending on size, but average price is $2,500.

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