Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Holiday gift ideas for gardeners

You're making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice, and here are some gift ideas for gardeners — naughty or nice.

Best book

The new book Gifts From the Garden combines the beauty of the bounty with the skills of the crafter for the green-fingered DIYer who wants to make the most of harvests throughout the year. From the edible to the decorative, author Debora Robertson shows how to make a unique something for every occasion — potted bulbs in teacups, personalized seed packets, herbal teas, floral-scented lip balms and indulgent body scrubs. Using fruits, veggies and nuts, she shows how to make spice rubs and fresh pesto, chile jams and tomato chutneys — gifts from the heart of your kitchen. $24.95;

Gardenia goodness

No air freshener can compete with the sweet fragrance of a flowering gardenia. The Heavenly Scented Evergreen Gardenia brightens a room with its clear white blossoms, and comes in a golden sparkle ceramic container that's about 7 inches tall and wide; plant care information is included, $59.95. Jackson and Perkins; or call toll-free 1-800-292-4769.

Wild and wonderful

Cornell introduces young and old to the wonders of birding, including:

Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: Master Set for North America. This comprehensive guide features nearly 5,000 soundtracks for 735 North American bird species. Download includes MP3 sound files and photographs. $49.99, or get files preloaded on a flash drive, $64.99.

Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: Essential Set for North America. This set includes the most common sounds for 737 species in downloadable MP3 files, $12.99, or on a preloaded flash drive, $24.99.

Cornell Lab Beginner Bird-watching Kit. This kit, available from Optics Planet, includes introductory binoculars recommended by lab staff, six months of free access to a lab online bird ID course, and other great accessories, $199.

Available at or call toll-free 1-800-843-2573.

Rosy dreams

Treat your special gardening friend to a David Austin gift voucher. Request that the confirmation, complete with 120-page "Handbooks of Roses" catalog, come straight to you for gift-giving. The roses will be shipped in spring at the right time for planting as bare rootstock. Two beauties to ponder: Munstead Wood, a deep crimson rose, $27.95 each or three for $71.25, and yellow climber Golden Celebration, $25.99 each or three for $66. or call toll-free 1-800-328-8893.

Hand tools

The Gardeners Hand Tool Gift Set from Joseph Bentley contains the small tools that are used most often by gardeners of all skills — trowel, transplanting trowel and hand fork. All three tools have carefully finished solid oak wooden handles and polished stainless steel heads. The tools are presented in a wooden seed box and nestled in shaved wood; $39.99 in gardening stores and at, and

Best weeder ever

Take out carpets of weeds in one swipe, using the Japanese hand hoe. Forged of high carbon steel, it maintains a sharp edge. Holiday special, $19.95, or call toll-free 1-888-977-7159.

Cam time

The new WildlifeCam takes up-close and personal photos of the four-legged wildlife — and winged wildlife, too — that visit your yard. The motion-activated camera, high-resolution, 8-megapixel digital photos capture candid moments of wildlife in stunning, full-color detail. The built-in flash makes it possible to take photos of animals in low light — or even capture nighttime visitors such as raccoons and deer in the dark. In addition to the single photo mode, the cam can also make digital videos with sound; $99.95 at wildlife stores and at or call toll-free 1-888-811-9464.

Stylish composter

The Green Cycler is a clean, odorless kitchen countertop solution that turns kitchen scraps into "black gold" for the garden in days rather than weeks and months, $99-$139. or call toll-free 1-855-432-6866.

Up close and personal

Get to know your feathered neighbors from inches away. Watch the birds as they build their nest and raise their young. Clear panel provides a great view and slides out for easy cleaning. Easily attaches, with suction cups, to the outside of a window. Made with natural cedar, rust-resistant hardware and heavy plexiglass, USA made, $21.99. National Wildlife Federation at or call toll-free 1-800-822-9919.

Tweet time

For close encounters with birds of all kinds, consider the Winner Multi-Purpose Window Feeder, $35.99, which attaches to the outside of windows with three suction cup mounts and holds up to ½ pound of seed, suet or fruit. Another possibility is Dorothy's Cardinal Feeder, $59.99, designed to attach to a post or a hook. The 13-inch feeder is topped by a height-adjustable, 15-inch clear-view dome that protects birds and feed from weather while warding off unwanted larger birds. or call toll-free 1-800-352-9164.

Fine feeder

Turn your fruit feeder into a piece of artwork for your back yard. This heavyweight feeder holds two fruits, such as apples, and gives the birds a place to perch. Made of long-lasting beautiful copper, $29.99. National Wildlife Federation at or call toll-free 1-800-822-9919.