Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Plain-Jane home? Try a facade lift

When looking for ways to change the exterior of your plain-Jane home, a great way to start is to consider the house a box with holes cut in it for windows. Changing a home's roofline or window openings can be a major expense, so first consider what might be done with the least intrusion to the structure. • In the cottage shown here, the shape of the structure and the placement of the windows create a pleasant sense of proportion. It is already situated on the lot at the minimum setback requirement, so nothing can be added to the front of the house. • As seen in the drawing, by changing the siding, adding window trims, replacing the door with a new style and adding a structural eyebrow canopy above the door, supported by appropriate brackets, detail and relief could be added to an otherwise flat-front house devoid of distinct architectural elements. And the window boxes would further soften and add even more texture. • Look for pictures of home styles that have details you like, or styles you feel are appropriate to the overall style of your home's structure. Then a designer can help you translate those elements into your facade in a way that makes sense. • Next, a builder or contractor can advise on the best way to implement the new look. If you don't already live in the home of your dreams, try reimagining it. The transformation can be rewarding.

Scott Scherschel and Chip Vogel are designers with Interior Spaces Inc. If you have a design question for Interior Spaces, email your question with a picture to [email protected] A solution could be used in a future article.