Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Timely Tendings: gardenia care, crape myrtle trimming and more

Keep track of your gardenias

. Prune gardenias as soon as they finish blooming if necessary to keep them in shape. Yellow leaves with green veins might indicate iron deficiency. Correct this by applying iron chelate or iron sulphate according to the label instructions.

Clip old crape myrtle flowers

Remember to keep old faded crape myrtle flowers clipped off to encourage more blooms, if you can reach them. Clip just behind the flower heads. When crape myrtles are allowed to produce seeds, flowering slowly declines as seeds are produced.

Plant chrysanthemums in June

This is the month when chrysanthemums can be planted. Pinch back to encourage branching that will result in more blooms in the fall. DO NOT pinch or prune after August.

Source: Theresa Badurek, Urban Horticulture Extension Agent, UF/IFAS Pinellas County Extension Service. For additional landscape and garden information, visit the website at Go to Facebook to get regular tips and information about what's growing in Pinellas at: