Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Home and Garden

Use these items around the house to do more:

Use these simple items around the house to accomplish more.

For decades, WD-40 has been used for all sorts of household chores, but here are a few that may surprise you:

. Before heading out to the garden, spray shovel spades and other digging tools so dirt will just slide off.

. In the kitchen, use WD-40 to remove stubborn food stuck to your refrigerator shelves. A few sprays of WD-40 will also help separate glass casserole dishes.

. Remove paint, mascara and scruff marks from your tile floor.

. For kid-related emergencies, WD-40 can remove chewing gum from carpets and hair, as well as take crayon off walls, right.

. In the garage, use WD-40 to remove bug debris from your car grille.

. WD-40 can also keep pests at bay. Spray windowsills, door frames and eaves to keep yellow jackets and hornets from building nests.

A bunch of new ways to use bananas

. Mashed bananas make a great facial mask, leaving your face feeling moisturized and smooth.

. Shine silverware and leather shoes using the inside of the peel.

. Use the inside of the peel to clean the leaves of houseplants.

. In the garden, use banana peels to add a shot of potassium when planting seedlings. Peels are also good to add to your compost pile.

Dishwashing soap

. Mix 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with 1 cup of salt and 1 gallon of white vinegar and pour between sidewalks, patio tiles and pavers to kill and deter future weeds.

. Maintain your air conditioner by using warm water and dishwashing soap to clean debris and dirt off foam or metal filters.