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  1. At almost 300 pounds, a Lealman woman battles food addiction

    Human Interest

    LEALMAN — From a faded green recliner in her tiny mobile home, Cheryl Dixon punched a number into her phone. Behind her, kitchen cabinets burst with Hamburger Helper and ramen noodles, bags of doughnuts and Cocoa Diamonds cereal.

    As Cheryl Dixon neared 300 pounds, her doctor warned that she would likely die if she didn’t change her eating habits.
  2. All Eyes sneak peek: Tampa Bay Watch presents 'Watermarks: A Nature Photography Exhibition'

    Human Interest

    Rachel Arndt of Tampa Bay Watch was kind enough to offer us an advance look at some of the images that will be featured in an upcoming exhibit of nature photography. We think you'll like them as much as we do. (See below for details on the exhibit.)

    Midnight @ the Oasis by Steve Nesius
  3. Dream of seeing last original 'Hamilton' cast performance becomes reality

    Human Interest


    Our heels click through Times Square, brushing against floor-length gowns as we anxiously make our way toward the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The marquee is out of sight until we're right up on it, black letters and a familiar image set against a gold background: HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda appears on a balcony outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre after his final performance in Hamilton.
  4. Epilogue: Healthy living advocate liked his pies, too

    Human Interest

    ZEPHYRHILLS — Donnie Morgan's lab coat never stayed white for long.

  5. June 2016 'Reader Photo of the Month' poll: 5 great photos from Tampa Bay Times readers

    Human Interest

    Baby Sandhill Cranes, ducklings and gators compete with a gorgeous Florida Panther and a spectacular sunset in this month's reader photo poll. Please cast your vote to help decide which of these five reader-submitted photos will wear the title of Reader Photo of the Month.

    1. Babies first swim (Published June 5, 2016) [Submitted by Robert Grossi, Spring Hill, FL.]
  6. For these sick children, each tiny bead is a badge of courage

    Human Interest

    ST. PETERSBURG — After the transplant team finished its rounds, after nurses checked her oxygen level and a doctor came to say: Yes, she would have to have surgery again today, Maddie Price asked her mom to hand her the paisley drawstring bag hanging in her hospital room.

    Maddie Price, 16, is comforted by her mother, Melanie Price, left, and child life specialist Loren Mirsky-Piatkin as she prepares to undergo another procedure Wednesday in the wake of her second heart transplant in June.
  7. Senior Melody Sister fights to stay on the stage, even if the notes aren't always right

    Human Interest


    Sara Ann Butler puts on her '80s-style headband and tries to curl her stiff fingers around the neck of a bass guitar.

    Sara Ann Butler, 77, center, leads Susan O’Gara, 69, and Bill Houser, 64, in A Bicycle Built for Two during a Senior Medoly Sisters rehearsal recently.
  8. After a lifetime of labor and sleepless nights, a Tampa doctor decides to deliver his last baby, No. 7,357

    Human Interest

    By LANE DeGREGORY | Times Staff Writer


    His pregnant patient was progressing slowly at home. So the doctor told her to head to the hospital. He would meet her there.

    Dr. Bruce Shephard, 72, delivers his last baby, the son of Elizabeth DeRocher and Antonio Davalos III, at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. Registered nurse Sandy Viliquett watches at left as DeRocher’s mother, Cheryl, takes photos.
  9. Born 100 years ago, mystery writer John D. MacDonald foresaw the risks facing Florida's beauty

    Human Interest

    I read a lot of paperback thrillers, especially in the summer. Sometimes I think it's because of something in my DNA.

    John D. MacDonald, in an undated photo, sits on the porch of his home in Sarasota.
  10. Acceptance gives dog owners clarity with end-of-life decisions

    Human Interest

    We watched our yellow labrador, Hendrix, die in slow motion.

    [Courtesy of Amber McDonald]