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  1. 43 times a minute, 'sound of progress' just makes people furious (w/video)

    Human Interest


    It started on a Tuesday, April 29, 7:01 a.m., while kids were eating Cheerios and professors were starting to shower and retirees were trying to sleep in.

    Ear-piercing pile driving at the new apartment building next to the downtown St. Petersburg Publix began in April and continues.
  2. Florida's fall not a flashy season, but it foretells coming delights

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    North of us, Americans are drinking apple cider, eyeing the pumpkins, calling the chimney sweep, dressing in flannel shirts against the slight nip in the air.

    Fall has arrived, Florida's greatest season — but it does not look like this.
  3. Dear Hollywood: This is what it's like to be a sick teen

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    In 2008, it was all about vampires. In 2011, it was dystopian societies with corrupt governments. And now, 2014 seems to be the year of teenagers with fatal diseases.

    In Red Band Society, which starts tonight at 9 on Fox, a group of teenagers become friends as patients in the pediatric ward of a hospital.
  4. Your 20s are supposed to be glorious. They're not.

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    Your 20s are supposed to be the time of your life, but I think that's a myth perpetuated by soda companies and pop songs.

  5. Aunt Mary joins the Greek gods for eternity

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    “Do you prefer a cliff, or water?" asked the owner of the lovely hotel at the foot of Mount Olympus.

  6. The raccoon and the U-turn — a back-road Florida fable (w/video)

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    The road to Pahokee is long and lonely: 38 miles around the southeast shore of Lake Okeechobee. During most of the drive, you can't see the state's largest lake. Just a towering cement wall, rimmed by old fish camps. And on the other side, endless acres of palmettos. You often go for miles without seeing a soul.

  7. From typing to HTML, teaching the tech revolution

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    ST. PETERSBURG — In the back building at St. Pete High, in a third-floor corner classroom, Mrs. Mathis stood waiting to greet her students on her last first day of school.

    1974 Lakewood High School yearbook
  8. For sailboat designer Charley Morgan, life's still a breeze

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    Charley Morgan, who calls himself "the ancient mariner," felt like a kid again. Eighty-five candles will grace his next birthday cake, but when he noticed the palm trees swaying beyond the window, he marched outside to look at Boca Ciega Bay. Standing on his dock, he saw Blue Cloud prancing at the end of a rope like a …

    A self-portrait of Charley Morgan, who took up painting after his first wife died of cancer in 2001.
  9. Groundbreaking comedian Joan Rivers dies at 81

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    Click through clips of Joan Rivers slinging jokes today. Listen to her talk about bras and hot flashes and third wives.

    Comedian Joan Rivers, 81, shown in February, died Thursday after complications from throat surgery.
  10. Historic, long-empty San Antonio building opens for business

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    For more than 30 years, the two-story red brick building on Curley Street sat empty. It's not that people weren't interested. A few times a week, someone would stop to peer in the windows, maybe rattle the doorknob, then venture next door to Jack Boyle's pottery shop to inquire if it was for sale or …

    John Herrmann runs San Antonio Antiques in the building built by his father that was once home to his Saf-T-Gas business. The recently restored brick building is now home to a health foods store, a home decor shop and more.