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A makeup artist offers three popular looks for wedding day

A bride's look on her wedding day lives forever in photo albums and memories. There's a lot of pressure to look incandescent without appearing excessive. • Lindsay MacConnell, Tampa Bay area makeup artist and owner of Lindsay Does Makeup, emphasizes two things brides need to ask themselves before choosing a look: • 1) Will my fiance like it? 2) Will I be comfortable in it? • When your groom meets you at the end of the aisle, you want him to recognize you, she says. Don't go with a makeup style that veils your natural beauty. • Also, choose makeup that you're going to be comfortable in all day or night. For example, if false lashes bother you, don't use them. The last thing any bride needs is a wandering lash in the cake-cutting photos. • MacConnell points to three styles she sees trending in wedding makeup: dramatic lips, a subtly elegant look, and a simple do-it-yourself.

Hollywood starlet

For this timeless look, the red lip takes center stage. "If you have every feature accentuated, no one knows what to look at," MacConnell said. "Since we're doing a red lip, we're going to do a less dramatic eye."

She tries to stay away from gloss when doing lips for brides. It's a kissy, teary day — and gloss is moveable. Lipstick lasts longer and is more likely to stay put.

The eyes have just the right amount of glamor to complement the red lips. Champagne gold shadow sweeps across the lids, with a matte brown on the outer corners to contour. The severe cat-eye liner reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe adds a foxy twist.

"You want everything to be as 'industrial strength' as possible," said MacConnell, who primarily uses MAC products. "Waterproof (makeup) is best."

Beach beauty

A full face of makeup would look a little extreme for a beach wedding, so MacConnell creates a subtle, sun-kissed look, which offers plenty of color for the bride while still appearing light and sheer.

On the eyes is a spin on the typical smoky eye: a brown-to-nude gradient. The lips are rose pink. Both are subtle enough for the beach but elegant enough for a wedding.

Sweet and simple

If you're painting your own face for the wedding, the most important thing to do is practice several times before the big day, MacConnell says. There are plenty of forums online that offer beauty tips, such as

The best way to prevent a drastic accident (e.g., giant raccoon eyes after attempting "the smoky look" yourself) is to stay simple. "Try to go monochromatic on the eyes," she says.

MacConnell advises skimming the eyes with one color — a light pink — and adding a little brown under the brow. Then apply a thin layer of nude lipstick to lips. Add a little blush and this is a fine, foolproof way to DIY.

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