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Web site delivers mother lode of love, guilt

Ah, Mom.

You drive us insane. You check on us constantly. You fret about everything, from a traffic ticket to a deadbeat date. You decide we have life-threatening diabetes when we say our hands feel cold.

You make us laugh and you make us think twice. You hold the key to the family's good gossip. You will always be our shopping buddy when our friends flake.

You know more than we assume. You surprise us with how cool you really are.

You call — a lot. And you finally discovered
e-mail. Sometimes, you even instant message.

When you tickle our funny bone or trickle a tear, we can't keep it to ourselves. So we cut out the names, because you would insist, and we post it on for all to see.

Because everyone needs a Mom now and then.

Here are some of our favorite posts.

Stephanie Hayes, Times staff writer


Me: MOM!

Me: i have internet in my room!!!!

Mom: what

Mom: wow


Mom: right on mf

Me: what is mf?

Mom: my fruitcup

Me: oh of course

What Not to Wear

Daddy is watching What Not to Wear now and is actually enjoying it. Maybe there is hope but I am not sure after the outfit today. I have to honestly say I have never seen him put together something that looked so bad. it could very well have been on 'queer eye'. It just amazes me that he doesn't see it. Thank god he never went for a job interview in it.

Talk Like a Pirate Day


Tomorrow be "Talk Like a Pirate Day," so shiver your timbers and avast, me hearties.

Mom aka "Cutthroat Mumsy"

Please tell me you will
wear a bra.

The dress — I love it! It looks really great on you. What will you wear for a bra? Please tell me you will wear a bra. It looks like maybe the straps are a tiny bit too long can you adjust them?

What do you think? Do you like it?

What kind of jewerly are you going to wear — and shoes — and bag? I know I am being such a mother right now but I feel so much better now that the you have a dress to wear so now I can worry about the other things. I was really starting to panic about it. That's Great — thanks for sending the pics. now I can go to sleep! Goodnight — Love you,



I found Alladdin!!!

I am also looking for the mario game with the Princess and Mario's brother he was green and had funny feet. I dont remember the name of the game.




What are you doing getting bitten by mosquitoes?!! You will get MALARIA — and i will have to start worrying about that instead of typhoid. Maybe you have got dengue fever even! Are the drugs working? Are you still alive?

i lied

ok. i lied yesterday. i am jealouse of dianne because her daughter calls her all the time. sorry, mom

My Egg Tray

when you come home next month, would you please bring my egg tray. I forgot to ask you for it when we visited you. Love, Mom xoxox


Please cleanup your facebook. Sex, drugs, lesbian stuff, no religion. People look at that before they hire you — Pres. Bush gets reports about this stuff, too. Listen to your mother — have a little common sense for goodness sake. Have some Christian values!

Your mother


Remember how you said I should try thigh highs so that my pantyhose wouldn't show above my hip-hugger slacks? Well, I have been getting very stylish lately — new slacks, with the low waist. New underwear, with the low waist. And thigh highs. You know how a sugar cone looks with a big scoop of ice cream melting over the tops???? Yes, that's me. I had to come to work with barefeet in my pumps, ugh, to avoid a greater ugh. Just thought I'd share.

Re: i love you

I needed that . . .

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