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Word for Word: Letters to Casey Anthony

They tell her she is beautiful, send her money, pledge their loyalty.

Two years since Casey Anthony was arrested and charged with murdering her toddler, Caylee, in Orlando, court documents released by prosecutors show that she has received hundreds of letters from people all over the country.

Almost all of them are flattering. One man offered to give her sailing lessons. Another told her she looked better with short hair. Another wrote her a poem: "Our lips press gently; the sun shines gold. Drops of rain surround us, my heart is sold."

Anthony is not the first to experience this kind of adulation. Scott Peterson, on death row in California for murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, in 2002, also receives checks toward his commissary account from admirers.

Like Peterson's case, Anthony's has drawn worldwide attention, partly because the case has had so many twists and turns. The attractive young mother failed to tell police about her missing daughter for weeks, then accused a nanny of kidnapping. Six months later, in December 2008, Caylee's body turned up in the woods a few blocks from her home. By that time, the little girl's face had been on the cover of People magazine twice.

It is not surprising that so many people would follow the case.

But the letters? They make you wonder.

Here are excerpts from some of them.

Leonora LaPeter Anton, Times staff writer

You are by far the most beautiful looking woman that I've ever seen in my whole entire life. I don't see how or why they can keep you in jail . . . When you get out of jail Casey, will you be my girlfriend?

Ricky Jones

Poplar Bluff, Mo.

• • •

I would imagine you get a lot of hate mail from stupid people. Well screw them I think youre innocent. How are you doing?

John Lange

Baltimore, Md.

Got stuck in South Florida due to cold. Sorry I'm late with money. I haven't abandoned you.

I'm homeless in Florida. My residence is in Georgia. I take a dog (doverman) and panhandle to make you money. Probally me and the dog will go to Orlando next month and hold a sign for you. Probally saying, "Casey did not kill her daughter" and "the state is on a witch hunt."

This will be dangerous. Have to have the dog with me.

With the love of Christ,

Lloyd Douglas Walsh

Alma, Ga.

• • •

For seven months, I have spent many many hours trying to fathom why you would murder your own child. Why oh why, if you didn't want her didn't you let your mom and dad adopt her? I could only come up with the idea you accidentally killed her.

Of course now that the evidence proves you didn't accidentally kill her; that you murdered her in cold blood, I am now back to square one . . . why oh why?

Why you don't confess is beyond me.

Jean Kelly

San Diego, Calif.

• • •

I'm writing this letter asking you to forgive me for judging you. I know this may seem very odd but I felt I needed to do it. I am going to deposit $20 in your account from Jesus so you know I pray for you and the decisions you make from this day forward . . .

I would watch you and get so angry because I could not figure out how you could be so cocky when I just knew you took your daughters life. Then it dawned on me when walking out of my church yesterday. You know you are innocent!


• • •

Many centuries ago, parents had a legal right to kill their children without the court prosecuting them for murder, in Europe.

As much as I'm against abortion, if, some people, were aborted, before they were born, we probably wouldn't have as many mothers dying, while giving birth, and, children, wouldn't be hurting, and, or, killing their parents.

I was born on June 16, 1955; I aught to write a book, about my life; maybe, someday I will. I plan on sending you $100 postal money order in early January.

Jonathan M. Baresi

Burlington, Vt.

• • •

Simply put, I need a pen pal. I have social anxiety disorder and don't leave my house enough to make friends. So I figured, why not write someone in jail and make them happy as well.

I watch Nancy Grace every night & the media sure has ripped you apart. That's so sad. You're a strong woman! Instead of asking about your case, I'm really just looking for friendship. I'd like someone to share the ins and outs of life with. . . .

What do your typical days consist of? Mine are so mundanely boring. I literally live in the middle of 2 cornfields so there's nothing to do here except drink lol. Well Casey, I better be going. I have to get my son in the bathtub (he's 6). I hope to hear from you soon. I'm a good friend to those who are nice to me and hope you write back to me.



Russiaville, Ind.

• • •

It's like I told you before you are a center of attention type woman and to see you in this situation is very depressing because you really could of been a star I can tell girl you have that quality it just seems you have been sold short by the people around you. Listen to me Casey

Yes, you are my dream girl type and I really want you to come through this and have everything you deserve . . . Casey you cannot know the effect you have had on me but I will continue to let you know it until forever ends.

Bye, Love Ray

Raymond Hirsch

Wildwood, N.J.

• • •

I really don't know how they can get away with sharing all of your private mail with the public. I don't care that the Sheriff's Office reads them but where in the Constitution does it state that the public has a right to read letters sent thru the US Postal Service.

And to print out all senders information. It's bad enough peoples private thoughts are now public but also their addresses and signatures? Talk about giving the cons in the world everyone's info on a silver plate . . . we may as well live in a communist country we have no rights anymore.

Cynthia Anthony (Casey's mother)


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