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  1. Top TV week of April 21: 'Rewrapped', 'The Voice', 'Black Box', 'Bad Teacher'

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    The Voice, 8 p.m., NBC

    The 12 remaining singers take to the stage in the live episodes starting tonight, hoping to attract the viewer votes from the American people, those great discerners of talent. Keep an eye on Sisaundra Lewis from Polk County, one of the competition's top singers …

    Sisaundra Lewis
  2. Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman talk about their new show 'Fargo'

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    FX had a tricky task when it set about creating its new series, Fargo: craft something in the same dark-comedy vein as the Coen brothers' 1996 movie while also creating a work that stands on its own. Judging by the first four episodes, writer Noah Hawley, Fargo's producers (which include the Coens), and …

  3. Top TV week of April 14: 'Scandal', 'Silicon Valley', 'Orphan Black'

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    New Girl, 9 p.m., Fox

    Nick and Jess are broken up, but that's okay, because we've officially moved on to another adorable couple on Fox Tuesday nights: The Mindy Project's Danny and Mindy. Oh, wait, they broke up too? Geez.


    The …

    Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal. The show’s third season ends this week.
  4. Review: Add 'Fargo' adaptation to FX's slate of superb shows

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    Each episode of Fargo starts with a message: "This is a true story. The events depicted took place in Minnesota in 2006. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred. "

    Billy Bob Thornton as mysterious drifter Lorne Malvo in FX’s new show Fargo.
  5. Tip of the hat (and wag of the finger) for Colbert as Letterman's replacement

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    Well that was fast. Just days after David Letterman shocked fans and even family with his decision to retire from the Late Show in 2015, CBS has announced that Comedy Central satire king Stephen Colbert, 49, will take over his desk.

    David Letterman will pass the Late Show helm next year to Stephen Colbert, who already hosts a late-night Comedy Central show.
  6. A full slate of buzzworthy TV shows debut this month

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    When Fox president Kevin Reilly declared pilot season dead at a TV press tour in January, it was just confirmation of a recent trend that will define this year's TV landscape: A traditional network development season that churns out 20-some-episode shows is becoming a thing of the past.

    Jack Gleeson in Game of Thrones.
  7. Preview: 'Mad Men' swings into a new era for final season

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    Sometimes the only way to get through hell is to just keep moving. Don Draper knows this. That's why, after a sixth season full of dwelling on his past, struggling to move beyond his current problems and contemplating his mortality, the star of AMC's Mad Men is leading the show into the '70s with a groovy …

    Betty Francis (January Jones), Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) and Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley) in Season 7 of Mad Men, where everyone’s moving forward.
  8. Strait talk: Will he win Entertainer of the Year tonight?

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    There's no question George Strait is the sure bet in the entertainer category of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards, right?

  9. Dissect 'Mad Men' fashion with a few favorite blogs

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    If you're into obsessively reading Mad Men recaps and conspiracy theories online after the show, definitely don't neglect the fashion blogs. The Internet is rife with sartorial gabbers who break down every single scene, juxtaposing the costumes, makeup, hair and color schemes with the show's plot lines and larger …

    Peggy and Joan’s outfits “go with” each other the way you’d pair a dress and a handbag, say.
  10. Top 10 potential hosts to replace David Letterman

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    Although replacing America's curmudgeon won't be easy, you better believe David Letterman's vacant late-night seat come 2015 will be hotly contested real estate. In keeping with the master's signature Top 10s, we offer up a list of viable — or, if not entirely realistic, at least potentially awesome — …

    Craig Ferguson hosts The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and may have dibs on the Late Show gig.