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'Model'-savvy? Then prove it!

For some of us, America's Next Top Model is the ONLY reason to watch the CW.

Now as Tyra Banks, the Two Jays and company return for Season 11 — excuse us, "Cycle 11" — on Wednesday, we already know of one twist — the show has its first transgendered model, Isis, who is sure to become an ANTM trivia question.

So how well do you know ANTM? Try our quiz, and maybe Tyra ... will ... call ... your ... name.

1. One of the other girls in the house reveals she is a lesbian. You:

A. Tell her and her lover to stay away from you, 'cause that's not how you roll, and by the way, she's going to burn in hell for being a sinner.

B. Give her a hug and support her courage in revealing her orientation.

C. Shrug at the camera and say: "I'unno what she thinkin'."

2. Your boyfriend goes to the movies with a group of friends (including — gasp — another person who happens to be female and single) while you are away in Italy. After he tells you this on the phone, you:

A. Say, "Oh, that's cool, what did you see?"

B. Sob, wail, threaten to break up with him, then sleep with some Italian guy whose name you don't even remember.

C. Tell him that sounds like fun, but then rip him apart during your interview.

3. For a photo shoot, Mr. Jay informs you that you will be wearing cuts of meat as your outfit. Tyra then affectionately refers to your costume as your:

A. "Beef bikini"

B. "Jerky jockeys"

C. "Meat drawers"

4. Before judge Nigel Barker was a fashion photographer, he was a:

A. Model.

B. Magazine editor.

C. Total tool.

5. The correct (approximate) pronunciation of Cycle 10's Katarzyna Dolinska's first name is:

A. KAT-ar-zheen-ya

B. Ka-TAR-zha-na

C. Hey, girl!

6. On ANTM, being a plus-size model means you are a size:

A. 10

B. 14

C. 5

7. You suspect a housemate of taking some of your food. So you:

A. Ask her nicely if she has taken something of yours by mistake.

B. Get all up in her grill!

C. Poor all of her cans of Red Bull down the drain.

8. Which one of these is not a foreign version of ANTM?

A. Slovakia's Next Top Supermodel

B. Super Model Centroam?rica

C. Amiga Top Model

9. Your name is Cassandra, and despite willfully entering a modeling competition, you quit because you refuse to:

A. Pose nude.

B. Cut your hair.

C. Jell-O wrestle.

10. You are sent on a "go-see." Is that:

A. Sightseeing trip.

B. Casting call.

C. A trade school.


1. Any of the above, although compassion goes far with the audience, if not the ratings.

2. B. Drama sells! Plus, he'll take you back when you return to the Midwest.

3. C. The other two are too clever for Tyra to come up with.

4. A. Though we're willing to listen to arguments for C.

5. If you're Katarzyna, A. If you're Tyra, B or C.

6. A. Cycle 10 "plus-size" winner Whitney Thompson was a 10.

7. Trick question. This is Top Model, people. Who needs food?

8. All of the above. A is a version for Slovakia, B is for Central America and C is for Honduras.

9. B. Because you've never seen a makeover episode before.

10. B. But since they're usually done during the foreign trip, they often turn into A. Contributing: Joshua Gillin, Peter Couture, Lisa Haiss, Jay Cridlin,


Give yourself a point for each question you got right, then tally up your score.

10 You're a Size 0. You're perfect. But no one really likes you. And all the samples are too big. Didn't your fellow classmates tell you to get at least one wrong so it doesn't look like you're cheating?

8 or 9 You're a Size 2. You'll fit right in with America's Next Top Model contestants. The clients love you because you fit all of their samples perfectly. Don't change a thing.

6 or 7 You're a Size 10. Sure, you don't look like the rest of the girls in the house, but you have attitude. You know what you're doing, and every average American girl out there adores you.

5 or less Um, yeah. You're a Size 6. Samples don't fit. You're not plus-size. You better either lose weight or gain it, otherwise no one will hire you in the modeling world.

'Top Model' auditions

So you didn't ace our quiz. Big deal. You can still try out for the actual show, which is almost as good. Auditions for the next cycle of America's Next Top Model will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Westin Tampa Harbor Island, 725 S Harbour Island Blvd., Tampa. You must be female, between the ages of 18 and 27, and at least 5 feet 7 to apply.

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