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New fall TV shows for Fridays

School Pride, debuts at 8 p.m. Oct. 15 on NBC

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines turned a phone call offering to volunteer at a Compton school into a renovation project, which became an unscripted show about upgrading seven schools across the country. So what's worse: that American schools are so underfunded it takes a reality show to save them, or that this project probably wouldn't have gotten on TV if Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution hadn't won an Emmy for ABC?

TiVo or Ti-NO? Oliver's show upgrading school food was surprisingly emotional. Here's hoping Hines can work similar magic with everything else there. TiVo.

Body of Proof, no premiere date announced, airing Fridays on ABC

When Great Actors Get Stuck in Bad Shows, Part 1: Much as I love Dana Delany, seeing her play a heartless neurosurgeon forced to become a coroner due to nerve damage from a car accident made me want to toss down a couple of Dr. House's legendary Vicodin. That may be the only part of Fox's House this series doesn't rip off, making Delany a tortured, misanthropic know-it-all divorced mom, instead.

TiVo or Ti-NO? When Delany wearing a designer dress to a murder scene is the least outlandish moment, you know the ride's going to be bumpy. Ti-NO.

Outlaw, debuted on Wednesday, now airing at 10 p.m. Friday on NBC

Since Jimmy Smits left NYPD Blue, network TV has tried mightily to build a show around one of the small screen's most admired and charismatic actors. But this overly ambitious series about a hard-partying Supreme Court justice who leaves the bench to practice law is trying too many things at once — asking us to buy good-guy Smits as a damaged antihero while trying to convince us that anyone would voluntarily leave a lifetime job on the land's highest court.

TiVo or Ti-NO? To see if this great actor can elevate the material, I'd TiVo.

Blue Bloods, premieres at 10 p.m Friday on CBS

Here's how network TV math works: People love cop shows. People love family dramas. So let's make a family drama cop show! Unfortunately, this series about a New York police chief (Tom Selleck) and his detective son (Donnie Wahlberg) and impossibly self-righteous assistant D.A. daughter (Bridget Moynahan) may miss both targets. Too gritty for drama fans and too soapy for the CSI crowd, it's an odd duck in the land of CBS's police procedurals.

TiVo or Ti-NO? Airing on low-rated Fridays, it may not be around long enough for anyone to notice. Ti-NO.

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