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On TV this week, Feb. 9-13

On TV this week


Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, 8 p.m., USA The biggest dog show of them all is running for two nights, this time featuring the first-ever Westminster (or Westminister, as mom insists on calling it) showing of the Dogue de Bordeaux, or French mastiff.

American Experience, 9 p.m., PBS Abraham Lincoln would have turned 200 this year, which would have been quite a feat, but this examination of the two months after his assassination shows that John Wilkes Booth did his best to prevent that.

Medium, 10 p.m., NBC Allison dreams of several murders that are witnessed by someone who's apparently also dead. That would make it hard to follow up on leads, then.


The Biggest Loser, 8 p.m., NBC Hard to believe this show has made it to 100 episodes. There must be a lot of people sitting on the couch watching TV instead of exercising.

90210, 8 p.m., CW Times are tough in the Hills on Valentine's Day. What, the handmade chocolate truffles made by the live-in chef not ready in time? Aww.

The Mentalist, 9 p.m., CBS Cho goes undercover as a guy who knows how to charm the ladies, thanks to Patrick's help. This is a surprise? We'd have thought Patrick would be doing that for his friends anyway.


Criminal Minds, 9 p.m., CBS The team tries to find a killer who embalms his victims to keep their bodies around longer than he should, and Cybill Shepherd plays his mom. Sometimes the jokes are just too easy.

Life on Mars, 10 p.m., ABC A couple of the characters are waiting for UFOs in the Meadowlands in New Jersey. That's dumb — everyone knows UFOs show up in the Pine Barrens.

Top Chef, 10 p.m., Bravo As much as we really want to dislike Stefan, the man knows his stuff, and doesn't take any crap from the other chefs. Maybe that's why they all hate him so much.


The 40th NAACP Image Awards, 8 p.m., Fox Halle Berry and Tyler Perry celebrate the NAACP's 100th anniversary by giving an award to ... Al Gore?

SEASON PREMIERE Survivor: Tocantins, 8 p.m., CBS Speaking from hometown experience, if they really want to shoot a season in a desolate, remote nowhere, then Survivor: Nebraska is just around the corner. This time around, the minimum age is lowered to 18, just in time to cast a University of Florida student.

Treasure Quest, 10 p.m., Discovery The Odyssey team is in search of precious lead that is prized by the electronics industry. Wasn't that the plot of Congo? Except without the diamonds. And the killer gorillas.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 8 p.m., Fox This show returns from its hiatus, and it's a good thing we looked it up, because we haven't heard boo about it moving from Monday to Friday until now. They're just hanging on until Terminator: Salvation hits theaters, apparently.

Supernanny, 9 p.m., ABC Here's a dad that smacks his kids, swears at them, expects his wife to fix everything and takes everything else out on his stepdaughter. In the shortest episode ever, Jo calls the cops and runs.

SERIES PREMIERE Dollhouse, 9 p.m., Fox Eliza Dushku is working again as part of a collective of hottie secret agents who have their personalities wiped cleaned and reprogrammed for every mission. Kind of like the audience, except they have personalities to begin with. — Joshua Gillin [email protected]

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