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Twitter loved 'Sound of Music' (even if you didn't)

NBC's decision to air a live stage version of the beloved classic The Sound of Music appeared to pay off Thursday night -- for the Twitterverse.

With everyone from Dr. Jill Biden (wife of Joe) to DiGiorno Pizza (in a hilarious running gag) weighing in, the tweets were fast, funny, sincere, outrageous and -- that best attribute of all for Twitter -- snarkilicious.

As this sampling showed, you either loved it or hated it. Carrie Underwood was brilliant -- at singing. Audra McDonald killed it. Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) looked annoyed but fabulous in those three-piece suits. And Julie Andrews is well on her way to sainthood even as we write this.


#TheSoundOfMusicLive Can't believe pizza isn't one of her favorite things smh

— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) December 6, 2013

I wonder if anyone is watching #TheSoundOfMusicLive at the Trapp Family Lodge tonight?

— LaLaLatte (@captainlatte) December 6, 2013

I need to get Maria's nightgown. It screams "NOT TONIGHT. OR EVER." #SoundofMusic

— Andrea Lavinthal (@andilavs) December 6, 2013

Wait. Kids are afraid of the thunder?? Guys, there are freaking Nazis in them hills. #SoundofMusic

— Jennifer Eolin (@JenniferEolin) December 6, 2013

I understand it would have been difficult to do live, but I'm feeling very slighted by the lack of puppet show right now #SoundofMusic

— Kait Smith (@kaitsmith) December 6, 2013

Wow. My Tweetstream has not been this united in simultaneous live-tweeting since Sharknado. #soundofmusic #soml

— Jael McHenry (@jaelmchenry) December 6, 2013

The kid who plays #Friedrich just signed to a 5-episode arc on Glee. #SoundofMusic

— Matt Polidoro (@Polidorable) December 6, 2013

"How Do You Solve A Problem Like Stifling White Noise?" --A question no one involved with #TheSoundOfMusicLive ever asked, apparently

— Ryan McGee (@TVMcGee) December 6, 2013

#TheSoundOfMusicLive Drinking Game: every time Captain von Trapp switches his accent, take a shot.

— Alex Roby (@TheDivaRobySays) December 6, 2013

I'm going to need a GIF of Stephen Moyer's reaction to the children ASAP. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Ellie Hall (@ellievhall) December 6, 2013

Maria taught the children to sing! Now the children can teach her to act! #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Jeremy Newberger (@jeremynewberger) December 6, 2013

They didn't teach dance at the abbey, apparently. #TheSoundofMusicLive #SOML #SoundofMusic

— Tom + Lorenzo® (@tomandlorenzo) December 6, 2013


— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) December 6, 2013

Just called one of my gay friends to get his opinion on #TheSoundOfMusicLive & he sobbed "NOT NOW!" & abruptly hung up on me. #DramaQueen

— Lee Gerowitz (@LeeGero) December 6, 2013

Little-known fact: Austria was the ugly dress capital of the world in the 1930s. Apparently. #TheSoundofMusicLive #SOML #SoundofMusic

— Tom + Lorenzo® (@tomandlorenzo) December 6, 2013

Awww look. The kids are singing farewell to Carrie Underwood's career. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Raymond Vagell (@prancingpapio) December 6, 2013

With a secret passage to the nunnery, no wonder he has 7 kids and no wife. #TheSoundOfMusicLive #ProblemLikeMaria

— sarahksawyer (@sarahksawyer) December 6, 2013

My mom and dad singing #TheSoundOfMusicLive is making my ears bleed. Shut upppppp

— Elise M (@hawttcakess) December 6, 2013

Rolf's shorts. WTF. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— meshellv (@meshellv) December 6, 2013

Perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfection perfectionὠὠὠ #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Elaina (@elaina__marie) December 6, 2013

To go all Kanye... Carrie, Imma let you finish, but Julie Andrews was the best Marie Von Trapp of all time. #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Hilary Ranieri (@hilarynranieri) December 6, 2013


— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) December 6, 2013

OH. MY. GOD. That was just...OH. MY. GOD. AUDRA FREAKING MCDONALD. @AudraEqualityMc #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Tracey Fama (@DramaMamaFama) December 6, 2013

Audra McDonald just made the Walmart mom pregnant again. #TheSoundofMusicLive #ClimbEvryMountain

— Rakesh Satyal (@rakeshsatyal) December 6, 2013

She is driving this show into the ground. Jesus take the wheel! She needs your help. #TheSoundOfMusicLive #CarrieUnderwood

— Alex Castaneda (@AlxndrCast) December 6, 2013

Maria came back and took out the slave braids and that tailored dress and said "imma get that man!" #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Thighra Banks (@BasedJane) December 6, 2013

Maria finally looks like sookie. Get on it vampire bill! #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Irma Davila ♚ (@QueenofBrandon) December 6, 2013

In ten years, we'll all say, "OMG let's get drunk and watch #TheSoundOfMusicLive, it'll be HILAR!" & then someone will say no and we won't

— alexis wilson (@lexlouie) December 6, 2013

I might just not be paying attention, but this took a dark and unsuspecting turn #Nazis #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Bobby (@bobakreza) December 6, 2013

I love you Carrie but you are no Julie Andrews. At least fake an accent or something. #TheSoundOfMusicLive #CarrieUnderwood

— JK (@kers10s) December 6, 2013

Are there any other rooms in this house they hang out in? #WasteOfSomeSeriousSquareFootage #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) December 6, 2013

As a Jewish gal, I'm having trouble deciding what part of #TheSoundOfMusicLive makes me most uncomfortable - Carrie Underwood or the Nazis?

— Tyler Feder (@roaringsoftly) December 6, 2013

Wouldn't it have been awesome if the pope made a cameo? #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Lauren Gienow (@WhatLaurenThinx) December 6, 2013

Maria! Don't marry him! He's a vampire for God's sake! #TheSoundOfMusicLive

— Fake Charlie Whiting (@charlie_whiting) December 6, 2013


— Michael Cassara (@michaelcassara) December 6, 2013

Cue Ryan Seacrest to give the phone number to vote for the von Trapp family to move on to the next round. #SoundofMusic

— Dr. Jill Biden (@JillBidenVeep) December 6, 2013

For haters out there, Stephen Moyer just sang live. That's more than can be said for Christopher Plummer & his vocal dubbing #SoundofMusic

— Scott Sinclair (@ScottySin) December 6, 2013

This is the longest I've watched NBC is about 15 years #soundofmusic

— Katy Abram (@katyabram) December 6, 2013

I've always wondered why Max didn't just rig the contest so they didn't win and would have more time to escape.... Just me? #soundofmusic

— Erin M (@tad_overdue) December 6, 2013

I had no clue walking through the mountains to get to Switzerland was so easy #SoundofMusic

— yuridia (@yuridiapena) December 6, 2013

The nuns got to be bridesmaids but not amateur mechanic heroes. This musical is dead to me. #SoundofMusic #thenunswerecheated

— Kate Ferguson (@katetf) December 6, 2013

And they moved to Vermont to run a a Bed and Breakfast. The end. #SoundofMusic

— mjsbigblog (@mjsbigblog) December 6, 2013

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