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  1. HBO documentary 'Going Clear' tackles the question: Why Scientology?

    Special Topics

    Eight minutes and 13 seconds into his much-talked-about documentary on the Church of Scientology, writer-director Alex Gibney hits a sweet spot, going right at one of the key questions he sets out to answer.

    What is Scientology's allure?

    One of Scientology's signature buildings at its Pacific Area Command Base in Los Angeles is sometimes referred to as "Big Blue.'' [Photo by Sam Painter, HBO documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief"]
  2. As 'Pretty Woman' turns 25 and looks to Broadway, here's what a Times critic said in 1990


    Twenty-five years ago this week, a Pretty Woman walked off of the street, into our lives and off with our hearts (and that of a millionaire).

    Richard Gere, left, and Julia Roberts appear together in the Touchstone Pictures film "Pretty Woman." (AP Photo)
  3. Review: Jim Parsons' 'Home' not exactly out of this world


    Home is where my heart wasn't Saturday morning, at a screening where even children didn't seem excited to be. The father snoring next to me had the right idea at the wrong volume. Hiding a catnap behind 3-D glasses only works if you don't give yourself away.

    Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), and Tip, voiced by Rihanna, get close in Home.
  4. Review: 'Get Hard' sends Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart's talent down the drain (w/video)


    Will Ferrell's butt is the butt of most jokes in Get Hard, and not just in his signature exhibitionism. Ferrell gets that tiresome booty flash routine out of the way before the opening credits roll. Twice.

    Kevin Hart, top, and Will Ferrell star in the rude, crude Get Hard.
  5. 'It Follows' is refreshing take on the horror flick


    Someone who took a film course in college once told me the first shot in any movie is its most important. Seldom is that more evident than with It Follows, which opens with a doozy.

Maika Monroe in a scene from "It Follows."
  6. Baseball movie made in Tampa Bay in 1986 is 'Long Gone'


    Long Gone is a baseball movie that didn't last in the major leagues.

    The Long Gone team of actors included, from left, Dermot Mulroney, William Petersen and Larry Riley. Long Gone was based on a novel by the late Paul Hemphill and directed by Martin Davidson.
  7. ''71' a thoughtful thriller set in Northern Ireland


    '71 (R) (99 min.) — Being caught behind enemy lines is a common trap in war movies, given a unique spin in Yann Demange's debut feature. Jack O'Connell (Unbroken) stars as an English soldier abandoned by his unit on the rebellious streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the height of tensions …

    Jack O’Connell stars in ’71.
  8. Argentina's 'Wild Tales' focuses on people behaving badly


    Wild Tales (R) (122 min.) — Argentina's recent Oscar nominee for best foreign language film is an anthology of six sketches, with the tenuously linking theme of how poorly people treat each other. Road rage, wedding day infidelity and various revenges are presented by writer-director Damian Szifron.

    Erica Rivas is Romina and Diego Gentile is Ariel in “Til Death Do Us Part,” one of the stories in Wild Tales.
  9. Movie theaters to show 'Breakfast Club' for 30th anniversary


    The Breakfast Club, the ultimate Gen X teen comedy, welcomes middle age and its 30th anniversary with a big-screen showing Thursday and March 31 in movie theaters, with a special feature about cast members and filmmakers. If you want to feel old, think about how Judd Nelson is now eight years older than Principal Vernon …

    Molly Ringwald, right, and Ally Sheedy talk to the media on the red carpet for The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary Restoration premier.
  10. Sarasota Film Festival lineup features Blythe Danner, Jane Seymour


    A touch of gray suits the 17th annual Sarasota Film Festival, which on Monday announced its opening and closing selections, starring a pair of silver-haired celebrities.

  11. Bobcat Goldthwait talks about his new film and old friend Robin Williams


    Bobcat Goldthwait wants me to clean his litter box. Actually, it belongs to Anderson Cooper.

    His cat, not the newsman.

    Getty Images (2011)
  12. Review: 'Insurgent,' part two of four 'Divergent' films, entertainingly bides time (w/trailer)


    Armed with divergent skills and a freshly self-inflicted, no-fuss hairdo, Tris Prior is feeling Insurgent, and we're down with that. This franchise is one of the more entertaining examples of three popular books stretched to four movies when two would do.

    The stakes are raised, the tension is higher in Insurgent, the second in the Divergent series.
  13. Review: In 'The Gunman,' Sean Penn aims at action-hero career revival (w/trailer)


    Now that Liam Neeson's stint as an AARP action hero seems to have Run All Night into the ground, you won't believe who's buff, sweaty and ready to take over.

    Usual artiste Sean Penn plays Jim Terrier, a mercenary protecting aid workers from death squads in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  14. Gasparilla International Film Festival opens with 'The Surface'; much to follow


    Doing just fine in year nine, the Gasparilla International Film Festival opens Tuesday, and the next day reopens a shuttered Tampa movie venue. • Tuesday's opening gala will again be held at historic Tampa Theatre, but beginning Wednesday, all screenings are scheduled at Channelside Cinemas in …

    Sean Astin (left) and Chris Mulkey will accompany The Surface at opening night Tuesday for the Gasparilla International Film Festival.
  15. Sean Astin comes to Gasparilla Film Festival with 'The Surface'


    "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," sings Sean Astin when asked how he's doing. Fine as Fred Rogers sounds like the answer.

    Sean Astin will be at the Gasparilla International Film Festival on Tuesday for the southeastern U.S. premiere of his new movie.