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  1. Review: 'Tomorrowland' full of ambitious ideas kids probably won't get


    It's a small-minded world in Disney's Tomorrowland, a world of disasters, a world of tears with little hope and plenty of fears. All because the human race is dumbing down.

    “It’s hard to have ideas and easy to give up,” says Casey Newton, a teenaged optimist played well by rising star Britt Robertson. Casey is more dreamer than genius in Tomorrowland, one of the more challenging pieces of family entertainment you’re likely to find this summer.
  2. 'Journey to Space' blasts off Friday at MOSI's IMAX dome


    Watching a rocket take off in IMAX, as well as footage from moon landings and Mars rover landings, makes for an impressive panorama in Journey to Space, a new documentary opening Friday at Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry. It runs for the next year at MOSI.

    Hey, it might not look so cool on newsprint but a rocket blasting off looks mighty impressive in IMAX in Journey to Space, a 45-minute documentary opening Friday at MOSI.
  3. SpongeBob's Treat Truck to deliver freebies in Tampa on Thursday


    SpongeBob SquarePants will be a long way from his pineapple under the sea this week, and will be handing out freebies in Tampa on Thursday as a part of a joint promotion for World Oceans Day and a DVD release. Free cold treats and reusable tote bags are on the menu at SpongeBob's Treat Truck on Thursday 9:30 a.m. to …

    SpongeBob SquarePants  superhero alter-ego Invincibubble poses for a selfie with a fan on Tuesday at Zoo Miami.
  4. Documentary 'An Honest Liar' to screen in Brandon thanks to Lutz man


    Moviegoers often wonder why certain independently produced films aren't shown in Tampa Bay theaters. Barry Silber of Lutz did something about it. Intrigued by reading about the documentary An Honest Liar, Silber contacted the tiny distributor Abramorama and arranged a one-time screening on May 28 at 7:30 p.m. at …

    James Randi, a Plantation resident, is considered the grandfather of skeptics. He made a career as a magician before becoming a prestigious MacArthur Foundation fellow and devoting his life to debunking the work of psychics, spiritual healers, astrologers and the like. (Associated Press, 2007)
  5. Review: 'Clouds of Sils Maria' shows Kristen Stewart can act (really!)


    This is not a joke: Kristen Stewart won an acting prize that isn't voted upon by teenaged Twihards. A real, honest-to-gosh grown-up acting award.

    Kristen Stewart won a major acting award for her role in Clouds of Sils Maria.
  6. Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival moving out of Tampa Theatre


    After 25 years housed at Tampa Theatre, the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is moving to new venues.

    The Tampa Theatre.
  7. Review: 'Pitch Perfect 2' more extravagant, yet less charming


    Remember that third season of Glee when singers who made us love the show in the first place graduated, with lesser newbies shoved into the spotlight to take their places?

    Original Barden Bellas like Beca (Anna Kendrick), center, and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), second from right, pass the whistle to a new set of aca-recruits in Pitch Perfect 2.
  8. Review: Charlize Theron is the one driving 'Mad Max: Fury Road' (w/video)


    An even madder Maxine lends a human touch to the diesel-punk demolition derby Mad Max: Fury Road. Not too much, since the only thing slow about George Miller's road rager is how long it took to make another sequel.

    Charlize Theron in a scene from "Mad Max: Fury Road," in theaters on May 15. Mad Max: Fury Road replaces Mel Gibson with Tom Hardy and welcomes newcomer Charlize Theron as Furiosa, a woman piloting a truck called the "War Rig." With a budget of about $150 million, it's a more extravagant summer spectacle than previous Mad Max films. (Jasin Boland/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)
  9. 'Far from the Madding Crowd' a sophisticated film in a wham-bam season


    Far From the Madding Crowd likely isn't the Tom Hardy movie you're seeking this weekend. That would be Mad Max: Fury Road. This one is based on a 19th century novel by Thomas Hardy, who has nothing else in common with the other except a British accent.

    Carey Mulligan, right, and Matthias Schoenaerts appear in a scene from Far From the Madding Crowd.
  10. Florida Orchestra backs Gene Kelly with 'Singin' in the Rain'


    Last year the Florida Orchestra made beautiful music with a Charlie Chaplin silent movie.

    The Florida Orchestra will play the movie’s score, with the vocal tracks intact.  Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds’ singing stays.  in the Rain.
  11. Inaugural Skyway Film Festival will kick off with Florida-filmed Disney biopic


    Opening and closing night offerings for the inaugural Skyway Film Festival in Bradenton were announced Monday, including a Florida-produced biography of Hollywood legend Walt Disney, pictured. Kicking off the festival June 12 is the world premiere of Khoa Lee's directing debut Walt Before Mickey, starring Thomas …

    Walt Disney in 1951. (Associated Press)
  12. Bollywood opening: 'Bombay Velvet'


    Mumbai is known as the city of dreams — India's financial capital and home of Bollywood, where the aspiring go hoping to be somebody. Perhaps never more so than in Bollywood's Golden Age, the late '40s to '60s, when the city was still called Bombay and when Bombay Velvet is set. The noir drama from …

    Ranbir Kapoor, left, and Anushka Sharma star in Bombay Velvet as a boxer and a jazz singer striving to hit the big time in Bombay.
  13. Review: 'The D-Train' brings awkward Jack Black, James Marsden bromance


    A man crush weighs heavily on a desperate schlub in The D-Train, a bromantic comedy of sorts, tweaking one of the genre's tasteless tenets.

    Jeffrey Tambor and Jack Black in “The D Train.”
  14. Review: 'Hot Pursuit' is a hot mess that's beneath Reese Witherspoon


    Passing the Bechdel test but otherwise failing is Hot Pursuit — a movie starring women with clout and directed by a woman — that whiffs on feminism and comedy.

    Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon are screaming at this movie’s awful attempts at humor.
  15. Tampa Theatre's Summer Movie Classics: 'Sound of Music' sing along, 'Back to the Future,' more


    Tampa Theatre announced its Summer Classics movie series lineup this week, including anniversary tributes to The Sound of Music, Back to the Future and Caddyshack. Screenings are held Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m., beginning June 7 with The Wizard of Oz, which also kicks off six postshow discussions …

    Julie Andrews appears in the 1965 film "The Sound of Music."  (Gannett News Service/Fox Video/File)