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New movies for Oct. 5

Okay, well, the dog in Frankenweenie is kinda cute.


Okay, well, the dog in Frankenweenie is kinda cute.

New movies


The gist: A kid's dog dies, so he brings him back to life as a zombie dog. Who would have thought someone like Tim Burton would come up with something twisted like this? PG

The cast: Voices of Charlie Tahan, Winona Ryder, Martin Landau, Catherine O'Hara, Atticus Shaffer and Martin Short.

The buzz: Cute, even if it's simply based on one of his early, short projects. "Only Tim Burton could envision this Frankenstein-inspired tale, and it's a honey, a dark and dazzling spellbinder that scares up laughs and surprising emotion," Rolling Stone says.

Taken 2

The gist: Liam Neeson's male/father revenge fantasy gets a sequel, with the retired government agent unretiring again to track down and cause great physical harm to wrongdoers. Neeson movies always depend on you being in the right frame of mind, so we hope you're mad at shady criminal organizations. PG-13

The cast: Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Rade Sherbedgia, Luke Grimes and Kevork Malikyan.

The buzz: An awful, awful movie. But hey, guys, if your boss is making you mad and you can't do anything about it, this is a great flick. "An arcade game provides pretty much the same 'entertainment' and it's a lot easier on the wallet. And kinder, maybe, to your memories of Liam Neeson," the Newark Star-Ledger says. What's an arcade? And games cost like $60 now. Does that sound cheap to you?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The gist: A freshman in high school deals with making friends, pining after a senior and dealing with the fact it's 1991. You're in for a good decade, kid; Then it all goes to hell. PG-13

The cast: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Dylan McDermott, Kate Walsh, Paul Rudd and Joan Cusack.

The buzz: A great movie with a talented young cast. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower finds an unexpectedly moving freshness in the old clichés by remaining attentive to the nuances of what happens within and between unhappy teenagers," the Boston Globe says.

— Joshua Gillin

Upcoming releases

Oct. 12: Argo; Seven Psychopaths; Here Comes the Boom; Sinister

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