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'Sex' and our city

Fans of Sex and the City have played this game for years: Are you a Carrie? A Charlotte? A Miranda? Or a Samantha? But what we want to know is: Do women like those in Sex and the City exist in real life? With the Sex and the City movie premiering today, we found four real Tampa Bay women who embody the style and spirit of the show.


Robin Adkins, 29, Tampa

Why her? She doesn't pen a column on sex, but as the owner of Relations PR & Marketing, she spends a lot of time writing. She's a very stylish dresser and quite the social butterfly. Plus, she's already found her Mr. Big, and just like Carrie Bradshaw — spoiler alert! — they're planning to get married this weekend in South Tampa, with a reception to follow at the Tampa Yacht Club. Her husband-to-be, Jason Vosler, is an interior designer.

Fan of the show? Yes. "I don't know any girl that doesn't own the DVD set. There's not one I haven't seen. I even took the Sex and the City tour in New York City.'' She also organized Sex and the City viewing parties and fundraisers at Mangroves on S Howard Avenue.

Did she immediately think, 'I'm Carrie'? Yes. "She journaled. She was a writer. She also tended to be the leader. I always related to her. She was the one who seemed to have the more serious type of relationships and be the one willing to fall in love.''

Sense of style: Trendy. "I love to dress up. I love the sharp women's business suit, which I think is very powerful. I love a good pair of shoes.''

What's in her closet? "A huge, 8-foot-tall shoe caddie, lots of business suits, lots of dresses and skirts and trendy tops."

How many pairs of shoes? "Over 100, and I just got rid of a bunch of them, too."

Drink of choice: Apple martini.

On finding Mr. Right: "Well, I found him. I think as Carrie has grown up, so have I. If you would have asked me the same question four years ago, it would have been a totally different answer. ... He's very caring. He's great at listening. He's very attractive. I know those superficial things will go away but, hey, it got me in there.''

What does she talk about with her girlfriends?: "Oh, what don't we talk about? I feel like we've all grown up. It used to be about shopping or the latest pair of sunglasses. Now we talk about issues. We talk about what's going on in our lives, our companies, our jobs, our men.''

Will she see the movie?: "I would love to say that I could go on the 30th, but I don't think it's going to fit with my schedule. We have the bridesmaid luncheon at noon, then the rehearsal dinner at 6. But I'm going to see it as soon as possible.'' — Susan Thurston


Lori Johns, 38, St. Petersburg

Why her? Johns owns C. Emerson Fine Arts Gallery in St. Petersburg; when we asked about her likeness to Charlotte, she told us she was "frankly the only gallerist in town that remotely fits the description." Divorced with a son, she identified with Charlotte's high morals and conservative wardrobe, and as a bonus, added: "I have dark hair ... right now."

Fan of the show? "I don't think I watched it every single week that it came on, but I was a regular. I watched it enough to know.''

Did she immediately think, 'I'm Charlotte'? No. "Charlotte gave up her career to be a people pleaser, and she was very into the babies and the marriage, and I'm very much not that girl. I like to do my own things and be true to my own path.''

What makes her a Charlotte? "Charlotte's that good girl who says you probably should act in a moralistic way. I would not do something on a date that would be inappropriate.''

Anything else? "There's this white skirt I've been holding onto that I'm not going to wear (until after Memorial Day). That's a stupid kind of Charlotte thing to do.''

Sense of style: Mostly black and white. "At work, I'm pretty conservative. I do that because my art is pretty controversial, and I want that to be the focus.''

What's in her closet? Diesel. Gap. Ann Taylor.

How many pairs of shoes does she own? "Not quite as many as the ladies in the show.''

Drink of choice: Soy latte. "I'm not much of a drinker.''

On finding Mr. Right: "I think if I found the right person, I would want to continue that forever, but I really would never be wrapped up in the whole marriage aspect of the wedding, the dress, the party of it."

Her ideal man: "Whoever makes you feel really comfortable and treats you the best and like a goddess."

What does she talk about with her girlfriends? Philosophy, art, spirituality. "Right now, I think I have more male friends than lady friends. We talk about everything.''

Will she see the movie? "Maybe I'll try to drag a girlfriend along. I think all my guy friends, they're like, 'Yeah, there's no way.' But they all seem to know an awful lot about it. They know all of them by name.''

— Susan Thurston


Rebecca Bell, Tampa

Why her? The redheaded Bell is an attorney with L. David Shear Children's Law Center in Tampa. Some of her colleagues gave us her name, so we e-mailed her — and in true Miranda Hobbes fashion, Bell was skeptical about the comparison. But after some consideration, she couldn't deny the similarities. "I particularly identify with her being very hardworking and dedicated to her career," she said. "She's somewhat serious-minded. I am, too, although I have a really fun side."

Age: "We Southern women are notoriously unreliable at remembering our own birthdays."

Fan of the show? "I caught it more in reruns. I did not see it when it was on HBO. I think, for the most part, it's really funny."

Did she immediately think, 'I'm Miranda'? "Absolutely I did not, because unlike Miranda, I'm a spiritual person. Also, I grew up with a twin brother and also I was always a daddy's girl. So I have a natural inclination to trust men. I think that she does not. She's somewhat cynical about love."

Sense of style: Suits. "I love to hang out in jeans and casual clothes, but I love to get dressed up."

What's in her closet? "Very feminine, flowy tops." Favorite boutiques include Deborah Kent and Sarah & Grete Clothes Friends.

How many pairs of shoes does she own? 122

Drink of choice: Sonoma Cutrer Russian River Chardonnay and Schramsberg Blanc de Noir champagne

On finding Mr. Right: Her relationship mantra: "No date 'til my house is straight" — meaning love is on hold until she organizes her new home. Her ideal man would be a spiritual guy with integrity, an easy laugh and the ability to slow-dance. "I want a guy who is independent and who is not threatened by my career."

What does she talk about with her girlfriends? Stress, problem-solving, religion and relationships. They don't discuss sex out of respect for the men. "Honestly, my sex life is so limited, there's not a whole lot to talk about!"

Will she see the movie? "I definitely plan to go, and I'll probably get dressed up. I might even wear a hat." — Dalia Col?n


Angye Fox, 37, Tampa

Why her? "Foxy," as she calls herself, is an entrepreneur who's been her own boss for years. Right now she owns an advertising company and does public relations for Caliente, the Ritz Carlton of nudist resorts, which has a location in Pasco County and offers clothing-optional cruises. She is tall, blond, strong-minded, ambitious and not at all bashful in her sexuality. (Examples: the stripper pole in her bedroom and her hobby of painting with her breasts. Seriously.)

Fan of the show? "Yes, most definitely!"

Did she immediately think, 'I'm Samantha'? "Absolutely. And my girlfriends all thought so too.''

What makes her a Samantha? "I'm a classy, financially independent, confident lady with a naughty side. I think Samantha represents all strong women with an edge.''

Sense of style: "Classy and flirtatious."

What's in her closet? "Business suits, evening gowns, golf shirts, leopard prints, stiletto heels, fishnet stockings and skeletons."

What's in her bedroom? "Lots of mirrors, a disco ball with a spotlight, painting studio in my bathtub and a 'fireman's pole.' "

How many pairs of shoes does she own? 30

Drink of choice: Dirty Martini with one blue cheese stuffed olive, and a Rocky Patel cigar.

On finding Mr. Right: "Every strong woman should have a harem.''

Your ideal man? "My equal, with whom I may have mutual unconditional love. Honesty and integrity are paramount.''

What do you talk about with your girlfriends? "Business, our families, sports and my favorite — sex! I think women and men should surround themselves with positive-minded same-gender friends. I've always had an inspiring group of professional ladies around me.''

Will you see the movie? "Silly question."

— Erin Sullivan

A male 'Sex' fan speaks out

A few weeks ago, tbt* put out a call for women who believe they fit the Sex and the City mold. A bundle of readers responded — but only one was a dude. "As a designer and builder of furniture on a mostly daily basis, I would compare myself to Aidan," Kyle Habershon of St. Pete Beach wrote in an e-mail. "It might just be the occupation, and not the sweet disposition, but I'm not here to judge that!" Well, we are. So we met up with Habershon, 31, who tends bar at the Independent in St. Pete, to find out why he identifies with Carrie Bradshaw's onetime fianc?, earthy furniture designer Aidan Shaw. — Jay Cridlin

Do you watch Sex and the City?

I do. I've seen probably most of them. When it first came out, I was married, and I used to watch it with the wife; it was a Sunday thing. But I still watch it on DVD, just sitting around.

What about Aidan do you identify with?

His personality. He seems like a soft-spoken guy, and he's more caring, as far as the relationships that he wants to pursue. When I'm involved with a relationship, I want to give it 100 percent.

What are you looking for in a woman? Who's your Carrie?

Someone with more stability than I have, because I'm all over the place. But someone who's real caring and artistic. I think artistic people understand other artists. My wife was an actress, so we went well together.

I'll give you one more chance to reclaim your masculinity. Anything you want to say to reinforce the notion that you're a dude?

Well, the fact that I'm making furniture by hand and getting dirty every day. Just because I go home and watch (Sex and the City), I'm not out getting manicures, pedicures and facials, or wearing a giant flower on my shirt.

It's a 'Sex' party!

The Table in St. Petersburg is hosting a premier party for Sex and the City with a "Cosmopolitan Hour" from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. this evening, with a "Post-Sex" party from 9:30 to 11 p.m. The after-party will feature a "Fabulous Foursome Fashion" contest — the group of four who most embody the fashion-forward mind-set of Carrie and company will win a $100 gift certificate to the Table, 539 Central Ave. N. (727) 823-3700.

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