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What's in your neighbor's queue?

Can the Robin Williams stinker "License to Wed" really be that popular in Valrico?

Can the Robin Williams stinker "License to Wed" really be that popular in Valrico?

We're all about getting into other people's biznass. That's why we love this Netflix application: Local Favorites.

The feature allows you to view a list of the 25 DVDs that your city is renting at a higher rate than other cities. For instance, in Tampa Impulse was the No. 1 "Local Favorite" this week. That doesn't mean Impulse was the most popular movie in Tampa; Fool's Gold tops that list pretty much everywhere. But it does mean that the percentage of people renting Impulse was higher in Tampa than in other cities.

You must have a Netflix account to view the list. Under the "Browse DVDs" tab, scroll down to "Local Favorites for [your city here]." While it won't tell you if your kid's T-ball coach rented Glitter or if your accountant has Forrest Hump in his queue, it will give you an idea of your town's cinematic hankerings.

Throughout God's Waiting Room, folks are snatching up The Bucket List. "That's not surprising," said Steve Swasey, vice president of corporate communications at Netflix.

What is surprising, though, is that the Local Favorites feature first appeared on in 2004 or 2005 but went largely unnoticed until the company redesigned its Web site last year.

"We don't promote it. We don't do a whole lot of merchandising around it," Swasey said. "We make this available because we have the data and we think it's a cool thing to share with you."

So do we. For those of you without a Netflix account, here is what your neighbors are borrowing this week, in order of popularity.


1. Resident Evil: Extinction

2. Frailty

3. Meet the Spartans


1. Impulse

2. El Cantante

3. The Matrix: Revolutions


1. Just Cause

2. The Reaping

3. Memoirs of a Geisha


1. License to Wed

2. The Bucket List

3. Meet the Spartans


1. The Final Season

2. The Bucket List

3. The Number 23


1. Beneath

2. The Final Season

3. Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story


1. True Lies

2. Civic Duty

3. The Closer: Season 2

St. Petersburg

1. Nina's Heavenly Delights

2. North Country

3. Impulse


1. High Crimes

2. King of California

3. The Condemned

New Port Richey

1. The Remains of the Day

2. The Cottage

3. The Bucket List

Palm Harbor

1. The Bucket List

2. Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

3. Lions for Lambs

Spring Hill

1. Are We Done Yet?

2. RV

3. The Invasion

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