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Avril Lavigne talks baseball, fashion and modern pop music

When it comes to Avril Lavigne, you expect thrashing and ripped tutus and middle fingers. You expect general hijinks.

But seriously, guys, she just wants to sleep. She is older now, not as impulsive and boyish. She doesn't always wear Dickies and Converse. In fact, as she squeezed in a quick phone interview in her limo on the way to a performance in Los Angeles, she wore Louis Vuitton heels. Low, demure heels.

So what to expect Saturday at the Tampa Bay Rays' postgame concert? The Canadian singer, 26, will pull out oldies like Complicated and fresh hits like What the Hell from her new album Goodbye Lullaby after the game against the Cleveland Indians. She'll thrash and give you what you came for.

But after that, she might leave and put on a nice dress.

Have you ever played at a baseball game before?

I don't think I have. It's going to be very different for me. I'm excited. I like new experiences. I think it'll be really fun because it's coming up to summer and I love sports. I love whenever I get a chance to go to a game. You know, popcorn and beer and everything. I played baseball growing up when I was younger.

Were you any good?

I was a pitcher. I won a championship. I got a purple trophy. I still have mine.

What's your show going to be like?

There's a mixture. There's a lot of rocking out. There's just a combination of running around and me singing my ballads. We can't put on the show we're normally putting on with this stage, with me having my piano. So we'll adjust.

How do you keep the energy high?

When I'm on tour, I rest during the day and I try to do a voice rest as much as I can and save and preserve my energy, especially when I'm traveling. I just got back from southeast Asia and I was flying every other day, so especially then I just try to get rest. I'm more mellow. I try to chill out during the day, then I have a vocal warmup for about an hour with my vocal coach and get ready, get dressed, say hi to the band and rock out.

In the Lady Gaga era, do you feel pressure to get more theatrical?

I definitely stick to my style. I don't really follow the trends. I am aware that it's very much a thing to be very rhythmic and overproduced and very dance pop on radio today, and a lot of singers are over the top with their wardrobes and costumes, and that's great because that's who they are. But I've never really been like that. I just dress how I feel. I like to be comfortable.

But you have changed somewhat.

Yeah, this record is different. This album is more emotional. It's a deeper record. I would say, compared to the other stuff, it's less pop rock. You still have that with the singles, but not when you get into the album. What the Hell doesn't really represent Goodbye Lullaby. That's a sound from the past and with this record I've grown and evolved a little.

How is your fashion line, Abbey Dawn?

It's international now, and I just revamped the line, and it's getting off its feet. It still has a rock 'n' roll edge, but it's very fashion forward. There are a lot of sexy pieces, tops off the shoulder, lower-cut dresses.

Why should hardcore baseball dudes stick around for an Avril Lavigne show?

Because it's going to be a beautiful day and your team is probably going to win. Everyone is going to be a in a really good mood and it's time to celebrate summer.

Avril Lavigne

The singer will perform after the Rays vs. Cleveland Indians game, which starts at 4:10 p.m. Saturday at Tropicana Field. For tickets, visit

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