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Meet the band: Vaginasore Jr.

From left: Dave Decker, Joe Paez, Richie Lawler and Russ Van Cleave.

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From left: Dave Decker, Joe Paez, Richie Lawler and Russ Van Cleave.

Meet ... VaginaSore Jr.

No extinct reptiles and unsightly growths. VaginaSore Jr. is a powerhouse of established musicians, made up of Richie Lawler, vocals and guitar; Dave Decker, guitar and vocals; Russ Van Cleave, bass and vocals; and Joe Paez, drums and vocals.

Lawler and Decker came to attention in the '90s, in Clairmel. Paez used to be in No Truth Lies and Van Cleave fronts the TimVersion.

The guys take some time to answer questions before their big show with '90s punk legend Radon this weekend.

How did the Radon show come about?

Richie: Radon all live in different states and they were all gonna be around for the holidays, so we just asked if they wanted to play. They haven't played in Tampa for a very long time, so we're looking forward to seeing them play since they are a big influence on all of us.

Dave: Radon are legends to me. Every guitar player in Gainesville used to study Dave Rohm. I'm looking forward to complete chaos.

I'm told that one of your songs is about an alien encounter.

Richie: Nope, wrong band, but our drummer is Mexican ... I think.

Dave: Remember the snow-boarding trip after 9-11, when airport security thought he was terrorist? No breaks for Joe.

Let's talk about that band name.

Richie: The name is sort of a blessing and a curse. We used it as a joke for our first show with full intentions of coming up with something better later, but it stuck because everyone thought it was funny or stupid or whatever. Older folks, like us, that are familiar with Dinosaur Jr. find it amusing, but some younger kids don't get the reference.

Dave: I haven't told my mom the name yet.

Recording plans?

Richie: We actually just finished recording a new full length called This Here Peninsula that should be out soon on ADD Records. Also, we'll be on a four-way split 7-inch with Radon, King Friday and This Bike is a Pipe Bomb.


Richie: We don't really tour now that most of have wives and kids and jobs and dogs and mortgages and car payments and blah blah blah ... but watch out when we do get a hall pass for a weekend. We play the Fest up in Gainesville every year, and that's kinda like touring because you're playing to a bunch of people from all over the globe.

Dave: Wow, Fest. No sleep at all and the flu for two weeks after.

Aside from a-hole behavior, what gets you run out of a VSJ show?

Richie: Nothing really. I'm assuming "general a-hole behavior" covers the racists, homophobes, and ass-kickers, right?

Hear them: Saturday 8 p.m. at the Skatepark of Tampa with Lemuria, Safety, Grabass Charlestons and Radon. $8. (813) 382-3477

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