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Sean Daly picks the Top 10 songs of 2010

Pop Life

The Vulnerable Playlist SD's Top 10 Singles of 2010

Because I'm a good lil' pop music critic, I dutifully tallied up Top 10 lists for the best albums and local concerts of 2010. (Go to to frolic in my snobitude.) But truth be told, I'm thoroughly sick of year-end lists — never mind that someone just asked me for my favorite songs of 2010. Sigh.

So in lieu of anything requiring great critical thought or, you know, lots of typing, here's a lascivious peek into my recent iPod history, specifically my 10 most-played songs from 2010. As you're about to find out, I have serious issues. And in a related revelation, you should know that Lil Kee's Buss It Wide Open (shout-out to the 813!) made serious late-year strides, mainly because I've listened to that filthy Tampa booty bop 30 times in the last three days. Why? I'm not entirely sure. Could be a nervous breakdown; could be my second career as a Chippendales dancer. Either way, honesty is my new currency, boys and girls, so here you go:

10 Buss It Wide Open, Lil Kee

9 Vanity, Christina Aguilera

8 See You in the Spring, Court Yard Hounds

7 Power, Kanye West

6 Last Kiss, Taylor Swift

5 Vaporize, Broken Bells

4 The Secret Sun, Jesse Harris

3 Baby, Justin Bieber

2 Whip My Hair, Willow Smith

1 F--- You, Cee Lo Green

- - -

2011 looks promising

Kanye West, Katy Perry and Eminem released megaselling albums in 2010, but the year in pop was marked mostly by the emergence of newbies, especially Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. 2011, however, should restore the proper order to things and be thoroughly dominated by the bold-faced royals in the rock world. Here's a peek at some of 2011's biggest releases:

U2, Songs of Ascent: Produced in part by Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse and Black Eyed Peas' (or so the rumor mill buzzes), the 13th studio release from Bono & Co. is very tentatively scheduled for a spring drop date. The tracks could be reworked leftovers from 2009's No Line on the Horizon (boo); there's also groovy talk of a beat-mad U2 party record (hooray). Hey, I really liked Discotheque, okay?

Lady Gaga, Born This Way: The Gags has already proclaimed her third release — which could have as many as 20 tracks — to be "the greatest album of the decade." You call that arrogant; I call that boldly calling your shot. Expect big dance beats and, according to the nutter herself, heavy metal, too. Be patient, Little Monsters: The album's first single should be released in February, with a full album following closely.

Beyoncé, Title TBA: The-Dream (who produced ubiquitous and awesome smash hit Single Ladies) is just one of the major knob-twiddlers reportedly tweaking B's new album, which she said is inspired by everyone from Stevie Wonder to Michael Jackson to the Stylistics. Jay-Z's girl is a fine singles artist but a shaky maker of albums. Still, I dig pop's Wonder Woman, and hope this is her first LP that's decent front to back.

Van Halen, Title TBA: Okay, I've seen teases here and there, and sheer geekiness and latency are driving my hopes and dreams and rampant journalism. But David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen are supposedly, maybe, possibly getting along — in and out of the studio. Eddie's son Wolfie will continue to play the part of bassist Michael Anthony. And I will continue to play Runnin' With the Devil every day until this happens.

Some other big names dropping albums in 2011? Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Britney Spears, Arctic Monkeys, Elbow, Avril Lavigne, Paul Simon and maybe even OutKast, Dr. Dre and Guns N' Roses.

A DALY DOSE: random musings on pop

Keep on spinnin'

As a guy who won't shut his yap about his LP collection, I naturally hated to hear the news about Vinyl Fever, Tampa's hallowed record Valhalla, shuttering after 30 years. It's especially cruel since (1) Rolling Stone just named VF one of America's top record shops and (2) vinyl sales and hip points are up, up, up. The store, at 4110 Henderson Blvd., is expected to close for good at the end of February. And while you should certainly pay your last respects, don't forget about two other great record stores that need patronage: Bananas and Daddy Kool, both in St. Petersburg. An epic scavenger hunt of vinyl and memories, Bananas is at 2226 16th Ave. N. Sporting brand-new vinyl as well as cheaply priced oldies, Daddy Kool is at 666 Central Ave. Do you want to say goodbye to these stores, too? No, you don't. Go pay 'em a visit before it's too late.

Vampire boys get Bossy

Tucked on the flip side of Born in the U.S.A., the jangly tumble I'm Goin' Down, about a guy who realizes his girl is about to bolt, has always been one of my fave Springsteen tunes. It's joyously apocalyptic and, despite being on one of the most popular rock albums of all time, vastly overlooked in the Boss canon. The kwassa-kwassa guys in Vampire Weekend really like the song, too, and after playing it at live shows, they finally added a more polished version on iTunes. Lead singer Ezra Koenig makes the protagonist far less rambunctious in his romantic misery, but he's also a bit more whimsically wistful, too. To hear VW's homage to Jersey's blue-collar bard, go to Pop Life online at

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