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This band f---ing rocks!

On Sunday, Canadian indie rockers Caribou will fill Ybor City's Crowbar with their swirling, psychedelic anthems.

The show's opening act?

A charming little duo called the
F--- Buttons.

Pretty edgy name, huh?

Well, it might be, if giving your band a dirty name was actually, you know, an original thing.

When it comes to naming your band, "f---" is becoming the new "wolf" or "bear." Just as several bands with those animalistic monikers (Wolfmother, Wolf Parade, Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear) took off in recent years, a handful of artists with effed-up names are starting to trickle into the fringes of popular culture.

And we're not just talking about snotty garage punk bands with no shot at stardom. We're talking about legitimate, nationally touring bands like the F--- Buttons and Holy F---, who get plenty of love on widely read music blogs and even in publications like Rolling Stone and the New York Times. You're not likely to hear Ryan Seacrest counting 'em down each week on his radio show, but they are out there, and they're (obviously) trying pretty hard to get your attention.

Here are seven fun artists with NSFW names.

1. F--- Buttons These two British chaps nabbed a stellar 8.6 rating from Pitchfork Online for their electronic album Street Horrrsing, a collection of lengthy, experimental noise jams. Their music can be pretty, but it's not always accessible. Maybe it's a good thing you can't say their name on the radio. "Stupid name," the Village Voice's Garrett Kamps concluded last month, "amazing f---ing band."

2. Holy F--- How do you know your band name has lost the power to offend? When you play a South by Southwest party hosted by, of all people, Rachael Ray. The electronic improv artists in Toronto's Holy
F--- did just that. Still, they're probably the biggest bleepworthy band in the blogosphere, faves of Lou Reed and are are gearing up for a spring tour with M.I.A.

3. F---ed Up In November, the New York Times printed a review of a
F---ed Up show without once mentioning the band's name. "The name won't be printed in these pages, not unless an American president, or someone similar, says it by mistake," wrote Kelefa Sanneh. Too bad, 'cause F---ed Up play sweaty, soggy and remorseless punk with a fury.

4. The F---ing Champs Say you want to call your arty rockers the Champs, only to find out that a popular band by that name existed in the '50s, and they recorded a blockbuster ditty called Tequila. What do you do? You add the word f---ing and run with it. The F---ing Champs have developed an intense fan base ever since.

5. The F---ing Eagles No, not the
f---ing Eagles who sang Desperado. The F---ing Eagles who hail from Tacoma, Wash., and play a raucous mix of foot-stomping rockabilly punk. When the band played Bumbershoot 2007 last summer, Spin called them "bad boys with hearts of gold, flip-flopping between rowdy and righteous." Their name likely stems from a line in The Big Lebowski.

6. F--- That's succinct, isn't it? This longtime San Francisco indie-rock foursome has the market cornered on F-word band names. But that right hasn't come without a fight. "At the time we were starting out, the U.S. Copyright Office refused to acknowledge that the word 'f---' exists," founding member Timothy Prudhomme told Exclaim! magazine last fall. "They have a list of dirty words they refuse to acknowledge. A short list, but a list nonetheless. Which means the record contracts we signed cannot be presented in a court of law, and if another band calls themselves 'F---,' we can't ask them to desist."

7. F---wolf Well, someone had to do it. Turns out this name was there for the taking, and these San Francisco noise-rockers snapped it up. (Looks like there's still time for you to name your group "Bearf---er," though — that name looks like it's still up for grabs.)

Get F---ed

Caribou and F--- Buttons play at 9 p.m. Sunday at Crowbar, 1812 17th St. N, Ybor City. $10, $12. (813) 241-8600,

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