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  1. Tell Me About It: New parents must address their sex life


    Q: Do busy working parents have sex? My husband and I have been married almost eight years and have an 11-month-old. We have to force ourselves to have sex once every other week. We didn't have a great sex life before the baby, and needed help to conceive, but this new normal is starting to get to me. We are a …

  2. Tell Me About It: Mother's concern may be misplaced


    Q: I am concerned about one of our children, a college student. We always strongly discouraged heavy drinking and casual sex; she is also aware of the dangers to both. I've learned now, however, that she enjoys going out drinking most weekends, uses bad language in social media (though we've definitely discussed …

  3. Tell Me About It: Brother's affair is his issue to deal with

    Tell Me About It: Brother's affair is his issue to deal with


    Q: I have never liked my sister-in-law. However, I love my brother dearly, so I sucked it up and smiled and nodded.

  4. Tell Me About It: Boyfriend's commitment ideas are skewed


    Q: What if you're in a relationship and you're not pressuring for a commitment like moving in, engagement, marriage . . . but the other person thinks you are? In other words, I'm totally fine with just having a boyfriend for the foreseeable future, but he keeps insisting he knows better than I do what I …

  5. Tell Me About It: Parents' support isn't about the money


    Q: I have this overwhelming anger or jealousy toward my younger brother because of how "easily" his life seems to come for him. One example, I paid for community college on my own, and when I decided to go to a university, my parents co-signed for a semester but said I needed to figure it out after that. I could …

  6. Tell Me About It: She finds best friend's fiance unbearable


    Q: My best friend is planning her wedding, in which I've been asked to be the maid of honor. As much as I want to be supportive and so happy for her, I just can't muster it, as I find her fiance to be an obnoxious, self-absorbed, and manipulative. The wedding party (his groomsmen included) have taken to calling …

  7. Ikea, a tipped-over dresser and a toddler's tragic death (w/video)

    Human Interest

    Curren Collas was just a toddler — silly and quick to smile, with a silky blond mop that swept sideways across his forehead in the style of a teenage pop star.

    Curren Collas was 2 when an Ikea dresser tipped over onto him in his room.
  8. Tell Me About It: Frugal family searches for a social life


    Q: My husband and I are very financially constrained, partly by choice (we want someone home with the kids). In order to make this work, we are super frugal and have had at least one financial-adviser type look at us quizzically and ask how we live on so little money.