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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: Mom who owns guns comes under fire


    Q: My husband and I have two children (5 and 7). We also own firearms. We are shining examples of how to do gun ownership right. We have attended safety courses, passed background checks, and are fully permitted. We also keep the guns safely locked away at all times. Without the code to the safe, they are …

  2. Tell Me About It: Greedy co-worker makes gifting difficult


    Q: A co-worker of mine is getting married and invited me to her wedding. I sent what I thought was a nice gift off her registry that cost about $60. We are in the same role at our office and make approximately the same amount of money (and are fairly well compensated). However, my husband is out of work, and we …

  3. Tips for getting the best wedding photographs


    When Hurricane Irene made landfall on the East Coast in 2011, the rising and roiling East River threatened to wash out the wedding of Sara and Josh Kalish at Guastavino's, an event space in New York City under the Queensboro Bridge. The rabbi had bailed, the maid of honor couldn't get in from Chicago and, all told, 60 …

  4. Tell Me About It: Mom's lackluster verbiage upsets daughter


    Q: I am an adult (35) with a great relationship with my mother. We have had one longstanding issue that was a lot worse when I was a teenager but now is almost just silly, but not silly enough for me not to want advice!

  5. Tell Me About It: Couple finds insult in condolences


    Q: Friends lost a young child to a terminal illness, and one half of the couple has recently divulged publicly a list of things people said to them that they "shouldn't" have. Among what not to say were things that seem to me to be authentic sentiments like, "I haven't said anything because I don't know what to …

  6. Tell Me About It: Mom is offended by son's love of rap music


    Q: My young teen son loves rap music. I feel deeply uncomfortable with the misogyny, aggression in the service of revenge, and basic crassness of it. My son is starry-eyed over it and frequently plays songs for me to hear.

  7. Tell Me About It: A new baby brings up issue of gender roles


    Q: My husband and I are expecting our first child. We have chosen not to find out the sex, largely because we want to hold off the avalanche of pink or blue for an extra few months.

  8. From This Day: Patricia Cvejkus and Joshua Candamo


    TAMPA — The big box wrapped in Christmas paper didn't impress Patricia "Trish" Cvejkus as Joshua Candamo kept ribbing her to open the gift he'd bought her.

    Patricia “Trish” Cvejkus, 33, and Joshua Candamo, 37, were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa on Jan. 24.