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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: Boyfriend's gift was meant for another


    Q: I have been dating a man for about six months now. We exchanged gifts for Christmas and I do not know what to make of what I received. He gave me earrings he clearly bought on a trip he took a good six months before he met me. We did not open gifts in front of each other and I have not said anything other than …

  2. From This Day: Ami Hewlett and David Parrino


    TAMPA — It had only been one month since David Parrino met Ami Hewlett, but just the thought of her returning to college in Tennessee had him in a tailspin.

    Ami Hewlett and David Parrino, both 28, were married on Dec. 13, 2014, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Ybor City.
  3. Tell Me About It: Couple debates serving alcohol at a party


    Q: I recently invited my family to our home for an afternoon open house. This is not something I do often, maybe once every five years, in part because my family is hard to be around as a group. There are seven sibs, three with alcohol addiction. A couple of their kids also struggle with addiction.

  4. Tell Me About It: Widow wants to reveal that she's dating


    Q: I am a widow with two boys, ages 8 and 10. My husband died 10 months ago after a long illness. I started dating about five months ago, a fact I have not shared with my in-laws or children. A counselor advised that if I meet someone special, I should wait six months to introduce him to the boys.

  5. Tell Me About It: Parents may welcome some no-kids time


    Q: Is it normal that friends with kids, once they have kids, become harder to feel connected to? We all graduated college together, started getting jobs, married, etc. Now I'm the last of the group that doesn't have kids — and I have a hard time feeling connected anymore to those who have kids. I don't know …

  6. Tell Me About It: Venue loses it's luster after friend books it


    Q: I did some research and found my perfect wedding venue: not expensive, halfway between his family and mine, lodging on site, in the woods . . . I got all excited about it and told a girlfriend of mine. She has been engaged for over a year, and they have been saving for the ceremony.

  7. Parenting a 20-something couch potato? Experts offer advice


    Are you the 50- or 60-something parent of a high school or college kid who zones out with video games or TV instead of tackling his schoolwork or pursuing a career?

    If your older child isn’t getting good grades at school or college, cutting back on time online is one way to hold them accountable.
  8. What to expect when you're invited to your first same-sex wedding


    "Cousin Delroy is getting married …" says the family patriarch to his clan, "to a man … which is crazy!" Despite the gasps, he announces he's bringing in Gary, a gay weddings expert, who tries to calm the anxiety-ridden relatives by explaining, "A gay wedding is just like a straight wedding," before being …

    Certain wedding traditions, especially those based on gender roles, are often not a part of same-sex ceremonies.