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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: She's really not fond of boyfriend's beard


    Q: My boyfriend has had a small beard and mustache the whole time we've been dating. A few months ago, he started growing it out longer. He clearly loves the way it looks, but I don't. He's asked me a couple times if I "love" his beard and I've avoided a direct answer by saying I'm adjusting to it.

  2. Tell Me About It: Mom's hurt by child's difference from her


    Q: My only child is 28 and lives 1,000 miles away. Said child is self-supporting in a challenging field and professes to look up to me personally and professionally.

  3. From This Day: Brandon Golden and Christina Chin


    CLEARWATER — It was only their third date, but Brandon Golden wanted to make it special. He whipped out his rarely used cookware and invited Christina Chin to his home for a romantic Valentine's night 2012 meal of chicken fettuccine.

    Christina Chin, 25, and Brandon Golden, 29, of Clearwater were married in Sugarland, Texas, on Jan. 25.
  4. Tell Me About It: Love conquers all, except compromise


    Q: My former fiancee and I broke up four months ago, and I've been slowly starting to feel better, but I realized I don't know how far I should go in overlooking the differences between me and a partner. I'm pretty good at compromising on most things, but I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing for me to …

  5. Tell Me About It: A ring may not be necessary for a proposal


    Q: I'm clumsy. About two months ago, a car cut me off, causing me to wreck my scooter. The result: a broken hip and two broken legs. A month in the hospital and a month out of work too.

  6. Tell Me About It: Childhood hang-up permeates adult life


    Q: I'm a dad with two grown daughters ages 33 and 35. Both have graduate degrees, are gainfully employed, live on their own, and are in what seem to be healthy relationships. My wife and I feel blessed and are very proud of them.

  7. Tell Me About It: Her signals to a married man were clear


    Q: One of the people in my group of friends is a man who is married. To me he has never been anything other than a friend. I did once say to him that I would probably date him if he was single, but he wasn't, so that was never on the table.

  8. Short gowns gain favor with more brides


    NEW YORK — Helen Bradley isn't one of those women who fantasized about her wedding as a girl, so when the time came to tie the knot on the 10th tee of a golf course, she wanted to be relaxed, comfortable and economical.

    Helen Bradley, 27, of DePere, Wis., poses on her wedding day at a country club in Madison, Wis. She chose a short gown for three reasons: comfort, affordability and the chance to show off her accessories.