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  1. Tell Me About It: Sibling can't fathom sister's grieving process


    grieving process

    Q: My only sibling and I lost our mom earlier this year to a surprise infection that set in following routine surgery.

  2. Grandparents play vital roles in lives of children, grandchildren

    Life Times

    Grandparents buy children dolls, bake them cookies and take them to the zoo. But, increasingly, grandparents also babysit kids until they're old enough for day care, feed them dinner when their parents have to work late and spend a fortune on their college educations.

    Author Olivia Gentile looks at the new reality of American grandparents.
  3. Tell Me About It: Ultimatum may result in false response


    Q: I've always been confused about the difference between issuing an ultimatum and saying, like, "I can't live with (behavior) any longer, and if it doesn't change or improve, I won't stay." Aren't those kind of the same thing?

  4. Tell Me About It: Couple's registry embarrasses family


    Q: I'm hoping you can calm my panic: I just got the "save the date" for my brother's wedding, and it has directions to their "wedding website" — which is a "fund our honeymoon" page! My parents are backpacking outside of cell service, but I have to imagine if they had known about this they would have said …

  5. From This Day: Gregory Edwards and Kathleen Evans


    ODESSA — The Rev. Rick Lackore gave Gregory Edwards permission to kiss his bride, and Edwards took the moment to show all 40 of his guests the feelings he doesn't often put into words.

    Gregory Edwards, 34, and Kathleen Evans, 29, were married at Old McMicky’s Barn in Odessa on Feb. 6. They’ll take a honeymoon cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, in May.
  6. Tell Me About It: Moving for her boyfriend is a hard decision


    Q: My boyfriend and I, both 30, have been dating for five years. We are from different countries, and currently live in a country foreign to both of us. He recently told me he cannot imagine living anywhere else other than his home country. This surprised me, as he had sung a different tune in the past. …

  7. Tell Me About It: Grandma's abuse is no longer tolerated


    Q: About a month ago I caught my mother being physically and verbally abusive to my kids, whom she had been watching daily while I work from home. After we fought about it, she left my home, and I haven't seen or talked to her since.

  8. Tell Me About It: Job move reveals couple's bad communication


    move reveals bad communication

    Q: Six months ago I married my husband knowing his employment contract would not be renewed and we'd have to move. After a short job search, he accepted a new position, and we made an offer on a house.