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  1. Tell Me About It: His account of his work day induces sleep


    Q: I work in a pretty specialized government job that, to an outside observer, looks like a lot of charts and gobbledygook. I want to be able to talk about my day with my wife, but whenever I do, I see her eyes glaze over. She swears that she's interested in my work, but she says that when she asks me a …

  2. Tell Me About It: Family issues affect wedding guest list


    Q: My mother and I have a very toxic relationship. When she gets angry she spreads half-truths that make me look bad, says hurtful things and tries to sabotage my plans.

  3. Peeple, get ready to be rated

    You can already rate restaurants, hotels, movies, college classes, government agencies and bowel movements online.

    The app called Peeple, set to launch in November, allows the user to rate just that -- people. Imagine that for a moment.  [tbt* file photo]
  4. Tell Me About It: Her bad boyfriend left her with body issues


    Q: My first boyfriend told me I "wasn't pretty enough," and though I've worked through it in therapy, I find it loitering around in there like some bad influence in front of the town Wal-Mart. I do yoga all the time and work out and so on. Your advice on feeling unlovable for being overweight made me realize how …

  5. Tell Me About It: Arguing in-laws put damper on vacation


    Q: We just returned from a week at the lake with our two grown kids, their significant others, and other family members from both sides. This is the third year we've set up this family vacation, and we want to do it next year — minus my husband's brother and wife. They love this week and look forward to it, …

  6. Tell Me About It: Be proactive about being happier at work


    Q: I have a very well-paying job that I don't hate, but I'm so bored and unmotivated. I've built a life around this salary (mortgage, car, vacation, etc.), but I keep wondering if I settled too quickly to find a career I'm passionate about. I'm in my early 30s. Is it too late? How do I start over exploring …

  7. Tell Me About It: Mom wants to protect kids from uncle


    Q: I adore my older sister, but she is married to someone I find difficult. His personality is not a match for mine, but much larger than that is he was inappropriate to me from when I was 13 through my early 20s. Nothing he could get arrested for — he would "accidentally" touch my rear end or chest, ask …

  8. Tell Me About It: Baby shower puts friendship in question


    Q: I just got an invite to one of my closest friends' baby shower (thrown by another friend). I do not want to go for several reasons. First, I hate showers, especially when they are gift grabs (as this one is), and especially when they are gift grabs by people who seriously do not need other people to buy them …