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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: Couple's breakup may need closure


    Q: You know how you shouldn't jump into a serious relationship quickly? Is it possible to jump out of one too quickly?

  2. Tell Me About It: Cookie client wants kids to make the sale


    Q: I buy Girl Scout cookies to support my friends' kids and nieces. But I'm frustrated that the requests for my purchase always come in the form of an e-mail from the parents, or it's a form letter from Girl Scouts with the child's name in the subject. I've told the parents to please have their child …

  3. Tell Me About It: Roommate's cat is a costly deal breaker


    Q: My roommate and I are friends and we decided to live together. I knew she had a cat but it was living at her parents' house. I'm allergic (which my friend knows) and our lease won't allow pets, so I didn't think it needed to be discussed.

  4. Tell Me About It: Spouse makes parenting competitive


    Q: Lately my toddler son has shown a very strong preference for my husband. This affects everything from our morning routine (he wants Dada to get him dressed), to meals, to playtime. If I do try to spend time with my son while my husband is around, my son immediately starts crying for my husband.

  5. I'm a millennial, and life is good


    Dear previous employer:

    You may think that you have gotten the best of me, but you have not. I am a millennial. You may think that you have put me in a bad spot, but you have not. I am a millennial. You may think that you can threaten me, but I am not afraid. I am a millennial.

  6. Tell Me About It: Couple weighs the option of co-habitating


    Couple weighs the option of co-habitating

  7. Tell Me About It: Newlywed has no time for group of friends


    Q: Friend recently got married and seems totally uninterested in spending time with friends, what's going on in our lives, etc. (We are a mid-30s mix of married/single/otherwise coupled, kids/no kids.) Friend will give reasons she is busy before we've even suggested something, or, when we finally do …

  8. Tell Me About It: Troubled friend can't handle the truth


    Q: How much honesty do you think we owe friends when they ask us difficult questions? I have a friend who comes to me when he has relationship problems. The latest is that his wife of less than a year left him. She's now gone and they are in the process of divorce.