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  1. Tell Me About It: Be rational, rather than worry about reaction


    Q: I have two very close girlfriends who live in the same town, "Emily" from college and "Jane" from high school. Both have children the same age as mine. Every summer I visit both, trying to split equal time between the two.

  2. How to write a dating profile that stands out


    If you know me at all, you know I'm one of the most outgoing people around. I like to sing, play ping pong and tennis, wear pink, try new restaurants, and do math. (I guess I have both the left and right brain thing going for me.)

  3. Tell Me About It: Time, and solo counseling visits, will tell if marriage survives


    Q: Husband and I (married five years, young child) have had some issues and have been seeing a marriage counselor off and on over the past six months. The sessions are going well.

  4. Tell Me About It: Line jumping leaves her fuming at theme park


    Line jumping leaves her fuming after 90-degree theme park day

  5. Tell Me About It: Could 'fantastic guy' be too sweet?


    Q: I've been dating a really fantastic guy for a few weeks, and I'm very excited! The but? He gives me little kisses on my forehead and cheek and head constantly. Those sweet gestures would be appreciated once or twice a day, but I am literally being mauled, like, every three or four minutes.

  6. From This Day: Mideastern magic brings couple together


    TAMPA — Just another night serving hummus and shawarma, thought Natalie Fulcher, as she ferried Mideastern favorites to diners at Byblos Cafe in South Tampa.

    Natalie Fulcher noticed Waleed Al Husain noticing her working at Byblos Cafe in South Tampa when he dined with an international contingent working from MacDill Air Force Base.
  7. Tell Me About It: On a friend's abusive relationship


    While I'm away, readers give the advice.

  8. Tell Me About It: 3 tips to help your child resist bullying


    to bullying — and not bully peers

    Q: With all the bullying in the news these days, I'm wondering (as the mom of a 15-month-old) if you have any advice for raising children who don't bully and don't allow others to bully them.