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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Wedding tradition of saving 'anniversary cake' requires care


    WASHINGTON — The face my husband made after I offered up a forkful of wedding cake was like the one a child makes when offered a first taste of an unfamiliar food. A wrinkling of the eyes, lips slightly pursed, his twitching nose betraying the search for comprehension of what this aroma was, exactly.

    "Pork …

  2. Tell Me About It: When he says 'just friends' he means it


    Q: Recently I've become friends outside of work with a co-worker. I thought maybe we could be more than friends, but during a conversation he said he wanted to clarify that we are hanging out as "just friends." I was so surprised by the conversation that I just replied by nodding and saying "of course" . . . and …

  3. Tell Me About It: It's time to stand up to mother-in-law's digs


    Q: I have been married to a wonderful man for 20 years and the only time we ever fight is regarding his mother.

  4. Tell Me About It: Strategy for coping with the first big fight


    Q: I've been living with my partner for three months (we started dating a year before moving in). I only moved in once we'd agreed that we saw the same future together, etc. but I find myself in a weird place following our first big fight since cohabiting.

  5. Tell Me About It: The initial response was the perfect one


    Q: Tiny problem here. Today is my last day at my current office. A co-worker, who I've met a handful of times in 10-minute increments, handed me a goodbye letter. I took it and said thank you, etc. When I opened it, I found a very heartfelt letter about her worry for the condition of my soul. The central point …

  6. From This Day: From spontaneous kiss to matrimony


    TAMPA — She went with a couple of girlfriends; he flew to the Bahamas with a buddy. By Saturday afternoon, they were part of a pack of 20 Tampa singles lounging around the Atlantis resort, drinking, splashing, gambling. And kissing.

    Photo from Michelle Pattee Photography Renier Gobea took Michelle Burrell to Havana to see where he grew up, to meet relatives he hadnÕt seen in 30 years... and to ask her to marry him. The south Tampa couple wed Sept. 26, 2014 at the Durham Ranch in Napa Valley.
  7. Tell Me About It: They can be righteous without incident


    Q: I'm going to my boyfriend's parents' house for Christmas. We are 27 and have been together close to five years. While we don't live together, we spend almost every night at each other's apartments.

  8. Tell Me About It: Holidays bring out a lack of compromise


    Q: My significant other and I have been in a relationship for a few years. We both agree our relationship is headed toward marriage and have discussed the long-term future. We work great together and see eye-to-eye on almost everything — until we start discussing the holidays.